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Steven's Quotes


1-"Water has been around since about the middle ages..." - Mr. Josephson (my science teacher)

2-"Jayme, for the last time, Steven does not want to go to the prom with you!" - Mrs. Martin (my history teacher)

3-"If he was so stupid, why did they call him Einstein?" - A girl in Mr. P's physics class

4-"And then the peasants stormed St. Penisburg..." - Mrs. Martin

5-"There's a tulip! It made me smile!" - Mr. Briggs

6-"What's wrong with tuplips?" - Mr. Briggs

7-"The private cost of the poop is less than the social cost of the poop." - Mr. Briggs

8-"The manure is just a little bit friendlier and less stinky." - Mr. Briggs

9-"I not only like tulips; I like being a twit and a pisher." - Mr. Briggs

10-"Well then I must be a prostitute" - Mrs. Martin

11-"This is the math that we waste our time on - I mean, spend our time on..." - Mrs. Phillips

12-"And then the molecules go all higgily piggily!" - Mr. Josephson

13-"Now, if you were to look at the toaster element WHILE you were dying, you would see that it would have much less voltage." - Mr. Power

14-"All of you who hate free trade - get a life!" - Mr. Briggs

15-"Come on guys! There's not just testosterone up here! There's estrogen too!" - Mr. Briggs

16-"You see all those cows looking at sheep, thinking, 'God, I could just eat your brains out!" - Mr. Briggs

17-"Could you all please get your rubbers out?" - Mr. Briggs

18-"Hey homely... I mean -- Hey homey!" - Mr. Power

19-"Go out and procreate!" - Mr. Briggs

main page famouspeople teachers friends me