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Steven's Quotes


1-"There's nothing better than big fat sweaty men in spandex!" - Me, talking about wrestling.

2-"We're not some big corpse-less hearteration..." - Me, getting my words screwed up as usual...

3-"My mom is angry. That was a very expensive orange." - Me

4-"We're just a bunch of drunken houliganious knuckle draggers!" - Me

5-"Of course, it would be nice to know that the Captain was... a captain... even though his name is... the Captain..." - Me, making a fool of myself during my English presentation

6-"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all and where is my napkin?" - Me

7-"Well, I might as well rip my brain out and sell it for Playdough, because I won't be needing IT anymore!" - Me

8-"I learned to swim really fast, and then I hit a wall." - Me

main page famous people teachers friends me