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Steven's Quotes


1-"Can I have your kidneys Ryan?" - Alicia

2-"People from Rome are Romans, right? What are people from Greece called? Greecers?" - Sarah H.

3-"Well, I could have the beef soup... wait... ew... It has mushrooms in it. I'll just have the mushroom soup." - Sarah H.

4-"I.B. therefore I B.S." - unknown

5-"Just a couple drops on your tongue will give you real dudattude." - The label on some Sour Cherry Drops

6-"My belly-button's dirty..." - Kaleigh

7-"My belly-button's not dirty 'cause I don't wash..." - Kaleigh

8-"Mah fouwweela' eis bedda' dan yoh fouwweela'! Idt heis siex weeeles!" - Sarah

9-"Does that carrot have the mumps?" - Dominique the Amazing

10-"Oh, who gives a sh!t? Life is short, so sit back, breathe, relax and enjoy!" - Dominique the Amazing

11-"Exams are a breed of beast best served beaten to death with a board." - Kalyn

12-"I was not under the alffluence of incohol!" - Dominique the Amazing

13-"Shlong, shlong, shlong!" - Vicky

14-"Mmm... Leberkase..." - Vicky - Translation - "Mmm... high quality spam..."

15-"Avez-vous des cornichons et un cuillière?" - Vicky - Translation -"Do you have pickles and a spoon?"

16-"Il mio amico ha stitichessa, vermi e una malattia venerea." - Vicky - Translation -"My male friend has constipation, worms and a venereal disease."

17-"Je suis lesbienne. Sono lesbica. Ich bin lesbisch." - Vicky - Translation - "I am a lesbian." (Not Really, she just found it in her little translation book.)

18-"I hate wood; I want to burn it." - Stefan

19-"I'm mentally anerexic." - Aaron

20-"He's gonna be a lot less comfortable once I kick him in the balls!" - Kaleigh

21-"Her nose is so big, it could be used as a penis." - Some girl walking by me in the hallway

22-"Huh-huh-huh-huh... fag..." - Some guy talking to himself while walking buy the door of a classroom, when there's no one else even in the hallway...

23-"Funny... purpose... stop... when... want..." - Sarah, laughing incomprehensibly at Shrew

24-"Well, at least I don't look like a man!" - Jayme

25-"Hey! I'm not a fella!" - Jayme

26-"Steven, if you were a guy, would you like this picture?" - Amanda

27-"[Alicia] is the devil like Steven's the Virgin Mary." - Vicky

28-"The only good French music doesn't have words." - Vicky

29-"The rotary is a strange and magical place." - Dad

30-"I want some asse candy!" - Jessica

31-"What's Shakespeare's last name?" - Jessica

32-"I'm going to name my dog Cerberus. ... Oh Crap! My dog already has a name!" - Sarah

main page famouspeople teachers friends me