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Goodrum's Online Reunion

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This page shows the beginning of our family. We hope you read through our history. THE BEGINING To date, research has taken us as far back as the early 1800s or late 1700s. I am stilll missing some dates. Beginning with maternal side of the family predates the Browne/Lee Union. Parker and Mary Browne were married in the mid-1800s, which puts their births around the early 1800s. Both seem to have originated in Happer Ferry, Maryland. They were parents of Alfred P Brown. (1847-1913; Harpers Ferry, MD) Alfred worked as a clerk in Harpers Ferry while......................In Liberty, Virginia, around the same time frame, Lewis and Martha Burwell were also married and became parents of Alice Mary (1854-- ; Liberty,Va.) It is not known when Alice and Alfred met, we assume that they both decided to leave the nest, sort of speak, and give the big city a try. In 1870, Alice (18) and Alfred (23) were married in Boston, Massachusetts. This union produced ten children. Either before or right after the birth of the first son, the Browns moved to Plymonth, Massachusetts. Alfred, there became a laborer. Both Alice and Alfred are listed in the census as Mulatto. Alfred died of heart disease on July 16, 1913 while living at Summer Street in Plymonth. No Statistics on his wife, Alice Mary. Their first son was George W. (1875-1913, Boston/Plymouth). George Worked on the railroad. He later met and married a woman, Henrietta Lee, (1885-1953; Nova Scotia) whose lineage traces back to Nova Scotia, Canada. Henrietta Lee was one of two daughters born to Thomas and Bertha Gale Lee. Henrietta Lee was a very compassionate and loving person. There was a softness and an appreciation for beauty of life within her. This must have been what attracted George to her for his proposal went I like you and, you like me, we both like the same I like to say this very day Id like to change your name. George and Henrietta were married and had two children. We are now into the early 1900s. Wendell was born first and in 1908 Mae Alice was born. She was born in Connecticut while the family was visiting relatives. The family soon thereafter moved to 175 Northhampton Street, Roxbury which is where she eventually met Eugene. George died in 1936 of coronary occlusion; Henrietta died 1953 of cerebral thrombosis. George Mae Eva Henrietta Lee Browne Click here to go back in time.