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 Lets  go back to the mid 1800ís, 1837 exactly.  Because, this is the birth date of
Milas Tanner (Morganton, North Carolina).  Milas became a farmer at a young age.  He
met and married, Martha Tate in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  There is a slight
discrepancy in name and I have come to the conclusion that because the marriage was
young when the cenus was taken,  the name on the census which is Jane and Martha  are one in the same.
Possibly she was Martha Jane or Jane Martha.

 The union produced nine children all of whom were born , Morganton, North
Carolina.  The first born was Thomas (1865).  He worked as a pullman porter for the
railroad.  He married a women of Polish lineage name Annie.  They adopted a son William
(---) who later married Alice.

Thomas was the first to migrate to Boston.

Thomas Tanner

  Tom was  very quiet.  He liked to play cards.  An avid bid
whist Player.  Annie was one very happy and jolly lady who was always cooking.


William Tanner


Next came Walter(-------) who was born with a birth defect which left him without the use of his legs.  Eventtually his legs were amputated.  He did have a massive upper body strength.  He was quite popular with the female population.  Walter made a living as a tailor.  He owned his own shop on Tremont Street in Boston.  He was also an inventor and as the story goes ......being as trusting as he was, asked one of his workers to deliver his rights of an invention to the patent office and record it.  Well, the worker did as he was told but recorded it in his own name!  Needless to say, that particular invention was quite successful and Walter received neither fame nor fortune but hopefully was a lot less trusting from the experience.

Another son to migrate to Boston was Horace.  He was the youngest boy in the family.  He had odd jobs and his favorite hobby was collecting antiques.  Horace married a women from Nova Scotia and had two sons.

 Not much is know about a daughter Betty( Margaret 1867)  She was a very reserved person and possibly a loner.  She popped up every now and then and disappeared just as quickly.

William(1869)  Married and had a son.  He decided to settle in St. Louis.

Jacob (----) went to New Jersey and married a women named Lillian.  No children.

Charles (-------) stayed in North Carolina, married and had one child.

Julia (1872--1948) was an outgoing happy person.  Very opinionated and talkative.(Like a lot of the Goodrums) It is said that when ever she was upset, she would sit down and write letters.  Julia became a teacher.
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