You have reached the official web page devoted to the current and former members of the Church of Bible Understanding (formerly known as the Forever Family) , started in 1971. There was an estimated 1500 to 2000 live-in members at the church's peak around 1977. Many have left the group over the years for many reasons. Less than 100 are currently living in the fellowship houses now.

In January of 1989, Stewart Traill claimed that he got "born again," and that all of his teaching prior to this date was in error. In March of 1989 and in June of 1989 he set forth a new perverted doctrine of teaching (new only to those not familiar with Church History and aberrant theology). He had sinned against 4 sisters in a sexual manner the previous year and it is believed that he called these meetings to wipe out  the last 17 years of COBU/FF history, his teaching, and in the process, his own sins. The brothers fellowship at the time did not hold Traill accountable according to the Bible and did not dismiss him as pastor and teacher of the Church of Bible Understanding.

This web site is 12 years-old. There are almost 300 on-line brethren and hundreds of off-line brothers and sisters staying in touch. I started the site to bring the brethren together; specifically those who were under Stewart Traill's teaching. On this site you will read first hand accounts of what the Lord Jesus Christ did and is doing through these brethren. You will also read some analysis of StewartTraill's treatment of members, his unscriptural take over of the Forever Family, his unscriptural marriage to Gayle, his pattern of sexual sin against sisters dating back to the beginnings of the Forever Family.

The Grace Meeting of 1989 and the 1st John 1989 meeting are on the front page.. My name is Mike Montoya. I got born again in June of 1975 at the age of 13. After graduating High School in 1980, I moved into COBU and lived in for 4 years.(Montreal, Boston,Phila, and New York). My stay is only a paragraph in the 40 year history of this church. There are some who gave 10, 15, 20 years of service to God in COBU. The group has gotten progressively worse over the years. The latest from Stewart is that he is telling the current members that "they are helping the anti-christ." Pray for those inside COBU. And pray that God will act, on behalf of the damaged and wounded brothers and sisters of the Church of Bible Understanding, against Stewart Traill. My hope is that you will find a brother or sister that you have not talked to in many years and begin to ask questions and get some answers and find healing from this pain.