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Just a slow, hot day on True Love
PWP - NC-17
Because I'm sick of American television portraying all women as either Madonna's or Jezebels, either sluts or virgins.  Look, Morons That Be, if I'd had something as hot as Pacey Witter as my boyfriend when I was seventeen, it wouldn't have taken nine months, comprende?
This was just going to be smut but then they started talking!

Just a teensy weensy story I wrote for the Tales Of True Love one-parter challenge.  The challenge was Joey, a naked Pacey, but no nookie!  Wot, no nookie?  This is what I came up with.  Some people suggested that I shouldn't leave it there, but should continue this story.  I'm honestly tempted to.  Maybe once I've finished my Murs de la Vie series. 

This series is dedicated to all the people at Project Nookie
You all rock something awesome!

No, this is not a French story, despite the French title.  My French is not good enough to write a story, let alone an entire series in French.
When I wrote Stuck, I had no idea it would grow into an entire series.  It was supposed to be one story that would help me cope with season 5 and the inevitable D/J reunion.  Then that one story got a sequel, then that one too got a sequel and in the meantime I've just finished part 5...phew!  We still got a long way to go!   Come and join Pacey and Joey in season 5... my version.

Fuck This Triangle
Well, every P/Joer knows what I'm talking about right?  I got so fed up with this sick triangle and Joey's wishy washiness that I wrote my very first filk.  I mean, come on!  Is there ONE sane woman out there who would choose (selfish, arrogant, Ultimatums-R-Us) Dawson over (sexy, attentive, I-Remember-Everything) Pacey?! 
It was inspired by Leslie Fish's brilliant "Lover's Triangle". 

Yes, I'm a little (very much) frustrated with the stars of this show, in particular a certain large foreheaded diva.  My main problem with this guy is that he is THE worst actor on the planet.  To most DC viewers (including me) Josh and Katie are the only reason we watch this show and yet they keep shoving The Beek down our throats, whether we like it or not.  My frustration found its way into the second filk I wrote.


Operation TrueLove


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