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There is a very special man in my life, And he writes beautiful poetry. I'd like to share this with you. We've been together since April 2000...But I feel like I've known him my whole life. The poems below are his own words. And the beautiful thing is, he wrote them for me. This page is dedicated to him. Thank you Art for writing these for me and for loving me the way  you do.

I love you baby.. with all my heart

Art Purposed to me on February, 16th 2003.  My answer was a definite yes.

We married March, 22nd 2003

Still very much in love

"Time" "This feeling inside" And "Your so beautiful" will be published in "Natures Echoes" In 2001. We are both very proud of his accomplishment.


"Your So Beautiful"

 "This Feeling Inside"

 "All My Life"   

 "Annette" (That's Me)



" I love you"

"Me And You"

"My love"

"My precious flower"

"Thank You God" 

 "That Night"

 "When I say that I love you"

Without you

"Who Is This Woman" 

"You Make Me..."


"The love of my life"

"You Love Me Don't You"

Art wrote these poems for his daughters.


Alyssa 2


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