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Each of Australia's major cities has a nightlife attraction, whether it's an international-style casino with all the glitter of Las Vegas, a waterfront area where the barstools come with a view of yachts and dancing waves or an entire district that sparkles by night.

Melbourne has the best bar and pub scene in the country, ranging from the elegance of big city cocktail bars including bars with jazz in the background to student pubs. Crown Entertainment Complex offers two city blocks worth of bar and clubbing options. 

If you're looking for an all-night party, the best of Broadway, a romantic interlude or a pub with character, Sydney after dark has it all, and each of the city's nightlife districts has its own character. 

Adelaide has a lively bar and cafe scene centred around the eastern end of Rundle Street, in addition to the splendid Adelaide Casino, inside the city's former main railway station on North Terrace.