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Training Products
GMP Training Nuggets
Also available: QSR Training Nuggets (for Device Companies)

      A "gold mine" of training ideas on GMP topics! This book is full of quick, easy training program ideas. As a trainer, use it to jump-start your training development. Or, give copies to all your line and staff supervisors for them to use "as is" to reinforce the GMP message during weekly staff meetings. Some topic areas include:
      - GMP subparts
      - General quality themes
      - Actual 483 citations
      - Documentation issues
      - And much more!
A MUST-Have! Training Exercises and Games

Two versions available:    Pharmaceutical GMP
Medical Device QSR

      Each book is packed full of creative games and exercises that you can use to liven up your regulatory compliance training. Contents include:
      - Suggestions for use and customization instructions
      - Complete directions and master supplies for all games
      - Games and exercises for general quality topics
      - Games and exercises for each subpart of the regulations
GMP Training Kits

      Complete training kits with everything you need to present an interesting, interactive GMP training program! Each kit includes:
      - Powerpoint Presentation
      - Instructor Guide
        - "How to Use" Instructor Guidelines
        - Customization Instructions
        - Discussion Questions and Interactive Exercise
        - Session Certification Quiz (for optional use)
"Pharmaceutical GMP" or "Medical Device QSR" versions available.

Choose from the following topics or subscribe to the whole series:
Documentation - Records
Documentation - SOPs
Process Controls

Computer Compliance Checklists

      Rate your basic level of compliance via an easy checklist format on Word disk. Use for in-house audits, GMP training, monitoring, etc. Versions available:

QSR (Device)     GMP (Pharm)     ISO 9000:2000

E-mail or call (908)-889-8162 for a product guide.

Product Prices

GMP Training Nuggets book
QSR Training Nuggets book

    $125 each + $8 shipping **
Training Exercises and Games Book
    $225 each + $8 shipping **
GMP Training Kits
    $249 each + $8 shipping **
    OR $1249 for all 6 titles **
Computer Compliance Checklists
    $85 each + $8 shipping **

** NJ companies add 6% sales tax

Note: At this time we are unable to accept credit card orders. We are happy to accept payment via check or company purchase order.

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