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Celtic & Irish History and Culture

Celtic Art and Culture - Images, articles, maps,The images load slowly.

Reconstructing History - clothing, culture, reference information, photos, paterns etc.

Gallica - World of the Celts. Line drawing of artifacts. Reconstruction of a round house. Clothing. Art. Images. All information is based on finds in danish peat bogs ans extrapolated from there. Decent work with some minor issues.

American Conference for Irish Studies homepage.

Clothing of the Ancient Celts. Dyes. Article. Links. excellent work.

Rivendale's Celtic History Page. Articles. E-texts of poems. Linguistics, archeology, folklore.

Irish Info Archeology, geology and geography of ancient Ireland. The Fate of the Children of Llyr. Articles and e-text.

Celtic History and Pre-history Links.

Celtic Encyclopedia Short definitions of historic and mythological figures.

Celtic and Saxon Links Excellent listing of sites and information.

Irish Coins index of irish coinage.

Sacred Fire. Celtic culture, heritage, calendar, cosmology, mythology. Short articles. The home page for this Celtic culture site has Stonehenge on it so I would take the accuracy with a grain of salt. A to Z of Ancient Ireland An alphabetic listing of miscellaneous interesting stuff.

The Kings of Ireland simple listing of kings, reigns and leadership.