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Kyle n Nash are done! Finally! the madness is over!, yeah i still got alex n luna to do. ill do it eventually.

Hey guys!!!!!! Welcome to my Lunar page!!!!!! Feel free to run amock throughtout this site, as well as the rest of the Domicile!!!!

Well you've reached my Lunar Page, here you can find my little tribute thingy to all things Lunar, including pictures, character bios, and other info and wack stuff. Hope you enjoy it, and as always im interested to hear your feedback so feel free to e-mail me at and tell me whats on your mind. Keep in mind that much of the stuff you will find inside is much of my opinion and reflection of what happened within the game and my personal interpretation of the events that occoured throughtout the game, so i am sure that my opinions and views will conflict with others, so if you have an opinion to share or any comment you feel the need to make, please e mail me and speak your mind. i would like to include a spot here for comments and other feedback and other views and intrepretations of lunar fans, so please feel free to contribute.

My experiences with Lunar:  While you go through this site, you may wonder... well, the site has stuff on Silver Star Story Complete, but where's the rest of the games?  well, there's a very good answer for that.....I havent played them. lunar: Silver Star Story Complete  is the first and only lunar game I have played, so thats why my knowledge is fairly limited, but hey I heard theyre re-releasing Eternal Blue, so when that happens, ill buy it, Play it and then write about it, but for now, all i can offer is this one game. So even though my Lunar experiences are limited, that does not however have any impact on how big a fan that I am of the series, which is very big.

The Plot: Background info and other wack stuff:  NOTE: All4hero.jpg (48354 bytes) interpretations are given as i see them and may differ from most people's as i have only played one game, If my intrepretation really sucks and is so wrong that is just plain insulting, please let me know, i hate inaccuracies, thanx! Lunar is a videogame whose story takes place on a ficticous planet called Lunar. According to books, religious stores etc. the world was created by the Goddess Althena, who is the goddess ruler of all type person for the people of Lunar. Also there was a bunch of bad people who were so bad that they were banished from the world of lunar to a realm called the Frontier, A very deasolate place with no real life, it really sucks and so the people there, (the Vile Tribe) must live there forever. Well thats the basic history of it, oh yeah there's more! There are four heroes that are incharge of protecting Lunar, as well as the Goddess Althena, who are, "Hell" Mell, Lemia Ausa, Ghaleon and "Dragonmaster" Dyne. ok now im done with the real basic history lesson for the game, Im afraid that if i tell you anymore, i might spoil some of it for you, and we wouldent want that. Oh, if i missed anything real improtant, please let me know.

people.jpg (32654 bytes)My little review:  To me, the game's strongest feature about the game would definitely have to be the characters. The creators of the game did an excellent job of creating a cast of characters that you really ended up caring about, (for me  the female ones mattered a bit more..........ok, they mattered a lot more). With this they were able to create situations that grabbed your attention so that it was like a force driving you to play on to continue the storyline. What also was great was how the characters related to the game players in one way or another, which when you think about it, almost every person can relate to at least one or more characters. To me, this made them seem that much more realistic even though they were ficticious cartoon characters. I personally felt bad for Nash, cause no matter what he did he couldent get Mia to like him, but hey he cant help it if the creators made him a self centered idiot. As for Jessica, you can almost feel the pain she goes through when Kyle acts like an idiot, which is most of the time, but hey thats her decision to stick with him, Mia, you feel bad for cause she's led such a sheltered life, and Kyle...well Kyle is........well..........drunk...alot. Clearly he was stuck in there for comic relief,   and he does a damn good job of it! Hes one of the best parts of the game! Alex and Luna are just your average couple that are estined for each other from the start and as always end up togther, cause hey otherwise there would be no happy ending, which would upset a lot of gamers. I personally dident really pay attention to them though.  I thought the Love theme was definitely made clear, although some times it seemed really....ireally dont know what to call it, but it kinda felt stupid and childish at soem parts, mostly with Alex and Luna. Jessicaanl.jpg (24056 bytes) and kyle did a good job with that theme, made it seem more like relationships today,  jsut plain screwed up. Nash and Mia represented your typical, high school, middle school crush on that special someone, but in Nash's case....a really obsessed stalker, ya know most people would put him on restraining order........ All in all the love theme was good. Music was good for the most part but occasionally some tracks kinda sucked, but there were a few good tunes. Graphics, were good, especially the anime sequences, that was also one of the top features. Next.....lets see......oh yes, comedy. Yeah  this was undoubtably take care of by Kyle and Nall. Id have to say Kyle is funnier, definitely. Cause hey, drunk people talking funny and making an ass of themselves is always fun!!!!!! That and he always says the WRONG thing to Jessica and the worst possible time. Nall, at times had his moments but for the most part it was the same thing,  stupid cat jokes. All in all the game was very well done and definitely worth picking up yourslef a copy if you havent already, but hurry, theyre stoppin production, so what are you waiting for? BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx for the fun:   The reason why i decided to give a big portion of my site to this game is because well, it was so good that i feel that i should give a bit of congrats to the creators of the game and to say that they did a great job with this excellent work of art. And that is what this game is technically, as all games, movies, anime, music , (well you get the idea).really   are forms of art. This whole Lunar series, is indeed an excellent work of art, be it the animators, music specialists and composers, story writers concept people, all the way to those who even played a minor role. Some people may disagree with my personal view that the gaming industry is an art form, well i say take a look at what is in the museums of today, just what is art (this is a question that my art teacher had brought up numerous times in class)? In my eyes id say that is is in any shape or form you choose to see it, yet one thing remains, it affects you in some way, art has always made an impact on the peopel of today, it causes you to think, to feel, so speak in general give reaction to. And that is what games do today, they cause the exact same reactions that one has in a museum, reading a book, watching theater, or what ever your pleasure is. Games are an incredible art form, that combine all the known forms of it and package it for your own private use and personal entertainment, and they can be even more fun with a friend. yes. games are art, and The Lunar Series is a prime example of this, as it has touched the lives of millions of gamers alike in one way shape or form., So i, as i am sure the rest of the Lunar fans out there, will too join me in saying thanx for giving us one of the best works of art out there, its been fun.


The Kick Ass Characters of Lunar

Note: Most of the pictures were taken from a site called The Cathedeal which is a lunar site (and a damn good one), and ok enjoy!

Oh! i almost forgot, the character pages that are available to you now are more immage galleries than anything, i am currently working on redoing them completely, so please be patient and i will post the new pages as they are completed.but for now enjoy the immage gallery of Jessica and Mia!

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