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E-mail us a Letter of Introduction at  On the subject line, please write "LETTER OF INTRODUCTION from YOUR SCHOOL, YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE" (example: Letter of Introduction from  Lincoln Middle School, Passaic, NJ). Letters of introduction may be submitted any time before March 1, 2002.   Please limit the letters to one per school, and if more than one class is participating in your school, you may identify them in the body of your letter. In the body of your letter, please include your school's complete address, as well as latitude and longitude (so other schools can locate your exact location on a map).  Also, give a brief description of your class (grade level, subject, size, etc.).  You must include an e-mail address as well.
As Letters of Introduction are  received we will post  all participants so the information may be used  in  EXTENSION ACTIVITIES or for corresponding among participating schools.

E-mail us at