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Background Information and Enrichment

1. National Weather Conditions: check out the pH of precipation on a national level.
2. Acid Rain Fact Sheet: the U.S. Geological Survey tracks the path of acid rain.
3. The pH Factor: fun ideas and lessons on pH.
4. The ABC's of Acid Rain: the causes and effects. Includes other interesting links.
5. The Weather Channel: check your local weather up to the minute.
6. Real Time Data: check your local weather radar.
7. Zip Code Search: enter in your zip code for local pollution and hazardous sites.
8. Acid Rain: A Student's First Sourcebook: everything you need to know and more.
9. EPA Student Center: student activities and resources.

1. Data Analysis- Designing and Reading Graphs: K-12

1. The Environmental Protection Agency: students can write letters expressing concerns and/or ideas to this agency.
2. Government Representatives: students can write letters with their concerns and/or opinions to state officials.
3. Bill Nye the Science Guy: students write letters that will be answered by the Science Guy.

1. 1990 Clean Air Act: have students read,discuss,and debate this controversial legislation.
2. Longitude and Latitude: find your position on the globe.

1. Effects of Acid Rain on People: some human effects discussed.