Brendan Press Releases
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Brendan Press Releases

These just better explain the progress this guy has had through the years as a Penticton Panther, a Michigan Wolverine, an Albany River Rat, a New Jersey Devil, and a Vancouver Canuck. Enjoy, this guy's somethin'.
Note: These links were updated, all FINALLY work!

Michigan Wolverines

'M' Hockey Melts In Semifinals
A Perfect Match:Morrison and Hobey
Morrison Fights Through Physical Play
Bittersweet:Recognition Hollow for Morrison
Morrison: 'My degree....means a great deal to me'
Hail Brendan! (What else is new?)
Morrison named Male athlete of the Year
Morrison wins Hobey Baker award
Seniors special for staying

Albany River Rats

Morrison named rookie of month-December '97
Morrison named rookie of month again-March '98
Bauer AHL All-Rookie team announced

New Jersey Devils

Morrison still no closer to deal
Devils sign Morrison and Elias
Morrison reflects on College Days
Morrison Still Unsigned

Vancouver Canucks

Erin speaks out on being a hockey wife
That'll teach you to make fun of someone with a lisp!
Morrison is centre of attention in Vancouver
Local boy makes good
Q & A with Morrison
Mo' Motivation
Morrison's take on fishing
Canucks re-sign Brendan Morrison
Gone fishing....with Brendan Morrison