"PEARLLLL. I'm Back."
No one replies. They search the pub top to bottom but Pearl can not be found.
"She's not here...she is missing."
"Did someone say missing?" Inspector Boyd rushes into the pub.
"Yes and she is a Jumi."
"A JUMI!! I bet this is the work of Sandra. Go look for her." He runs out of the pub as fast as he came.
"Bud you stay in case Sandra comes back."
Bud stays behind as Rand and Elazul run out of the pub. In there haste they bump into Duelle .
"Hey watch where you are going."
Sorry. We are looking for a jumi named Pearl."
"A Jumi!! So the inspector was right. I'll keep my eyes open."
During all this comotion nobody noticed that the sproutling came over.
"I think you would like to know that I saw a girl I never saw beore go that way." He points in the direction of the park.

They go that direction.
They go the other direction.