They run into the park desperatly searching for Pearl.
"Capella have you seen Pearl?"
"Yes she went up where the Pelican lives."
Rand thanks him and they follow his advise and run up the hill to where the Pelican lives.
"Sorry to bother you again,have you see a girl run by here?"
"Bother me again? I have been gone for days and just got back, got back. Any how She ran, she ran, she ran right past my house. and sheeee wennttt that wayyy."
They don't bother to respond as they continue up the hill untill they come to the top where they see Pearl .
"Pearl what are you doing up here?"
"What?" she says as if she is in a daze. "OH Elazul your safe. Lets get out of this town."
Before he can reply a jewel beast jumps out of the bushes and attacks. Rand and Elazul pull out there weapons as Pearl runs for cover. This Jewel beast is no match for their combined power. With in a few minutes the beast is destroyed. Then Pearl's core flashes
"My core."
Then there is a flash of light in the bushes where the jewel beast jumped out of. Pearl goes over there and to her surprise discovers Mr. Moti.
"You're a Jumi Mr. Moti?!."
"Oh no."
"Yes...but..I kept it...a...secr..."
Before he can finish he falls asleep
"He is probaly to week. Sandra probaly was trying to make him cry tears of life. We have to tell the Inspector."

Tell the Inspector