Sandra Jumps at them and pulls out a knife.
"IT ALL ENDS HERE!" She swings the knife at Rand hitting only hair."
"Be careful Rand!"
Rand takes out his spear and wacks Sandra with it.
Give it up Sandra you can't win against me."
She wipes the blood off her mouth. "Thats where you are wrong. Behold the ultimate Jewel beast."
Rand, Mr. Moti, and Bud turn around to see the biggest Jewel Beast they have ever seen.
Rand and Bud attack the Jewel Beast while Mr. Moti tries to free pearl and Elazul. Bud summuns his magic spells while Rand attacks the beast with a fury of swipes with his spear.
"Its no use. We alone are not strong enough to fight this demon."
"We can't give up hope now. We have to wait for Mr. Moti to free Pearl and Elazul.

Check up on Mr. Moti