While Sandra is preoccupied watching Rand and Bud battaling her ultimate jewel beast Mr. Moti slips in her hide out.
"Pearl, Elazul where are you?" He squints into the dark room.
"OVER HEAR! We are by the wall."
He feels around the wall to he finds Pearl.
"Hey! watch it. The light switch is right next to me."
Mr. Moti flips the switch. He looks around for the keys and finds them on the table. He unlocks Pearl.
"Thank you. Elazul is still a sleep so be careful with him." Mr. Moti unlocks Elazul and caries him down to the table where he lays him.
"Mr. Moti, LOOK OUT!" Her effort is to late Sandra knocks Mr. Moti over the head with a steal rod.
"Poor Pearl. YOu are going to have to watch me as I pull out their cores. Unless you cry. You must give up your life for the race."
"That's Where you're wrong!"
Pearl glows and in a flash of light the place where Pearl was standing is now occupied by Lady Black Pearl.
"Lady Black Pearl stay out of this. These cores are needed to save Flourina. I must protect her."
"Your a fool Alexandra. Doing this will only repeat our destruction. I can not let you continue. You know you can't beat me."
"Don't call me that. I am Sandra the Jewel Hunter. And I am afraid I have to run. We WILL meat again."
Lady Black Pearl takes out her hammer and swings it at Sandra but it misses for Sandra has already vanished.
"Pearl? is that you? Where are we?" Lady Black Pearl changes back into Pearl
"Elazul you are all right. Wait their is no time. Rand needs your help fighting the jewel beast out side go help him."
"OK. I will." Elazul runs out to the battle."

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