Here is where you will find links to *other* great Shrines and Sites dedicated to Cloud(and)or Tifa. Want to submit a site to this page? Well listen here: Just send me an email with your name address and name of site, and a email address I can contact you incase. And I'll put it up. Your site must be Cloud(and)or Tifa related, or FF7 or Ehrgeiz. No Pro-Aeris, Anti-Tifa!

For the Love of Tifa

Hsienko's Shrine to Tifa

Heaven's Cloud

Final Fantasy: two tales of love

Tifa Lockhart Shrine

FantasyLord's Tifa Shrine

The Final Fantasy Club Homepage

Tifa Shrine

Sephiroth's Temple to Tifa

Jason's Shrine to Anime

The Machine X's Tifa Shrine

Roxanne's Homepage

Tifa's 7th Heaven

Tifa1's 7th Heaven

The Cloud and Tifa fanfiction and fanart center

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