Cloud and Tifa's Shrine

This page is dedicated to the two favorite(and my favorite too^^)childhood lovers, as well as hero and heroine of Final Fantasy 7

~~As you enter this Shrine of Beauty, you get a warm feeling of love that surrounds you. And here you can learn all about these childhood friends, who became lovers. If you want to learn about the Hero and Goddess go to my Bio sections for them. And if you want lovely pictures of these two check please go to the rooms where I have placed the galleries^^. Then I have made a room all for stories and poetry all about this lovely couple. Here you will also encounter other activites and such.
So enjoy this holy shrine dedicated for this couple^^~~



Fanart of Cloud Strife
Fanart of Tifa Lockhart
Cloud and Tifa Fanart

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About Cloud Strife the Hero
About the Goddess Tifa Lockhart

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Myths page
You Know You Like Tifa Too Much When..
Why I luv Tifa so much(coming soon)
How to play Tifa's theme on the Ocarina of Time(Zelda 64) (coming soon)
Quotes from Cloud and Tifa in FF7(coming soon)


The Cloud and Tifa Forever Webring page

*Fanfiction and Poetry*

Cloud and Tifa fanfiction and poetry(coming soon)


Cloud's Zodiac: Leo(coming soon)
Tifa's Zodiac: Taurus(coming soon)


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{Tifa's Anime Garden~}

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A special dedication made by C.A.D.& S.P.M.:
Cloud and Tifa"Lovers Forever"

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