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Verona High School Class of 1959

Happy Spring!


The VHS59 55th Reunion was held on Saturday, October 11, 2014. If you have photos share them and they will be posted!

* It is with regret that I advise that our classmate Bob Kullen (Kulinski) passed away on Saturday, March 28th 2015.  Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.

* The VHS Class of 1959 55th class reunion was a blast as the photos shared by Donna Johnson document.  See more photo by clicking HERE.   See a video of the reunion created by Donna by clicking HERE.

VHS 59 Classmates at the 55th Reunion

* Our friend and classmate Steve Turro passed away on Sunday, November 16, 2014. His obituary can be read by clicking HERE. Steve was a friend of all of us and a special friend of mine. The following is a Tribute to my friend and classmate.

We are trying to update the VHS Class of 1959 Classmate Directory.  You can provide your profile information by clicking HERE.

Communicate with classmates on Facebook.  Click

VHS 59 Reunion Committee:  Sherry Corwin, Guy Vanderhoof, Rich Camp, Rose Migliari, Fred Johnson, Bruce Callahan, Bev Murphy, Karen & Steve Beurmann  - Thursday, May 9th Planning Meeting working hard for you.

VHS 59 Reunion Committee:  Richard Grossclause, Rose Migliari, Justine Vincent, Bev Murphy, Bruce Callahan, Guy Vanderhoof & Rich Camp working hard for you.

VHS 59 Reunion Committee:  Steve & Karen Buerman, Bev Murphy, Rose Migliari, Guy Vanderhoof, John Whiting & Rich Camp working hard for you at the April 10th meeting.

VHS Class of 1959 News!

GET A FREE Book about VHS 59 Reunions:  Following our 50th Reunion I wrote a book to capture the memories.  It was called "VHS 59 50th Reunion Memories Book".  It features photographs and narrative of past VHS 59 Reunions.   I have decided to donate the book to our class for FREE so that anyone wanting to relive the memories can do so. 

You can download a FREE copy of the book in PDF format by clicking HERE.  You can download an eBook edition in EPub format to your hand held device for FREE by clicking HERE

If you have difficulty downloading the book contact me by clicking on the  Web Master tab and a copy will be e-mailed to you.  Please share it with other classmates who may not have learned that it is available.

* I know that our classmates have accomplished some great things that should be shared in the form of a book.  I have started an initiative to help people with stories to tell to tell them and have them published for FREE. 

If you are interested in more information or would like help in writing a book about your life experiences check out my Write a Book for Fun Project web site.  Contact John Whiting if you desire more information. 

I challenge all of my classmates to Write a Book for Fun about your accomplishments and life experiences so that they are preserved for future generations.

Remember the Good Times at our 50th Reunion!

The VHS Class of 1959 50th Reunion Attendees

(Note:  To identify the name of your VHS Class of 1959 classmate in the photo below place the cursor on the head of the classmate.)

John Whiting Janet Loding Maureen Curley Marta Wright Andrea Deso Carol Spitzmiller David Morgan Louise Lederer Gordan Friedman Fred Johnson Bob Hess Justine Seymour Donna Maroot David Wands Richard Fischer Barbara Berke Pat Stager Cathy Smith Betsy Gerberg Victor Cestone John Bierele Bettie Barth Marilyn Hauck Florence Goldberg Richard Camp Don Greco Dottie Intile Justine Christofferson Karen Stoneberg Rose Wurgaft Allen Hunter Mike Garlock Sherman Corwin Carol Ann Wood Lynn Opdyke Ann Sutton Nancy Bristol Virginia Linneman Sharon Pechenik Ed Coad John Keimel Loretta Benequista Bob Lang John Flicker Ted Suess Gloria Graman Keith Peterson Bev Murphy Steve Turro Ed Skibiak Blake Kirby Virginia Davenport Guy Vanderhoof Linda Askling Barbara Swenson Gaye Harrison Paul Jennings Ann Major Bruce Callahan Mike Lombardi Greg Kahn Richard Carroll John Shankland Tom Ruck Jack De Matteis Eugene Scheninger John Akerman Tom Towne David Levy George Dente Bill Flavell Carl Esser Cliff De Michele Steve Buermann Justine Jorgensen Anne Shlionsky Rose Migliara Louis Martorelli
 What a good looking group!  The event was a lot of fun, and we are glad so many could share this special event.

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