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Welcome to the Asgard's Heroes
Web Ring

This Web Ring is mainly for comic book fans and their web sites. I particulary enjoy Thor comics and their references to Norse Mythology, so that's why I chose the name Asgard's Heroes. All comic book sites are welcome, regardless of whether or not they are related to Norse Mythology. For those of you who are interested in joining the web ring, there are a few guidlines:

Your site should be comic book related, or related to Norse Mythology.

Should not contain any inappropiate material.

Your site must show effort and not be of extremely poor quality.

If your site meets the above, please submit it and copy the HTML fragment onto your site. If for any reason it is necessary contact me and I will e-mail you the fragment myself. Once that is done, e-mail me at and I'll add your site immediately!

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Add this HTML fragment to your site and replace where it says "yourid" with your id number or use the one I e-mailed to you which already made all the necessary changes!


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