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I was playing with some sporks one day, when I wondered... How can I optimize my sporks for premium flinging potential? I decided to test a few ways that one might make a little paper ball fling farther and faster. I thought I might try doubling or even tripling the sporks, therefore giving more springyness, hence a faster, farther delivery. Contrary to what one might think, I was wrong. I found that doubling does not speed up the fling. it actually makes the arc of the fling much higher. This is not good for fast, aimed flinging. However for stealth attacks, whhere the attacker might want the attackee to think thhe little paper ball might have come from anywhere, this is ideal.

In my research, I also realized that when one inverts the spork head (a process affectionately referred to as fooning*)the projectile flings straight, therefore this is ideal for aimed attacks.

For optimum aimed spork flinging, your spork should look like this:

For optimum sneak attack spork flinging (grenading) your spork should look like this:

* The word "fooning" is the creation of the webmaster at

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