DragonLance Astrology
Air Signs
Gemini are known for being quick witted, intelligent, fast thinking, fast moving, slightly manic people. However, they are also known for not being able to hold down a conversation as the other person is not allowed to speak.  They are known for whining and complaining, too, and have a difficult time feeling much beyond the surface intellectualism that they so enjoy.

Usha  is our DragonLance Gemini.  As a capable thief, she is certainly moderately quick witted (despite her obvious hindrances in being non-native to Krynn).  And she is certainly also known for being annoying, much for the same reasons.  "Could she please stop talking? Or moving?  Or anything?" seems to be a feeling shared by many, including her husband Palin.  (Ouch)

Libra's are known for their love of balance, discerning tastes, and wonderful style. Libra's like fine wines, perfectly designed houses, and pretty things.  They tend to want fairness, balance, and impartiality.

Par-Salian is one of our Libras.  His desire for helping the world, as well as open-mindedness in doing so (well, who else would actually *let* Raistlin have super powers, huh?) as well as his good taste in food (he likes fine wine) if nothing else.  Actually, we're not really sure why else as we lost the book that we've been working off of, but we can assure you that at one time, Par-Salian made a great Libra.

Justarius manages to prove the Libras do make good Heads of Conclaves.  His desire for balance is evident in his red robes, and his guidance of the Conclave to keep the universe balanced is truly impressive.  He also seems to like fine things, if his slightly snobbish daughter is any indication, and is a basically good guy with high hopes for the world.

Aquariuses (Aquari?  I'm never sure) are known for their bohemian, free spirited, and open minded natures, as well as their concern for the world and love of all of those other wonderful people who inhabit it. However, despite that they would really like to save the world, doing so is often an entirely other matter to these good hearted dreamers.

Crysania makes a wonderful Aquarius. We're certainly figuring that she has to be somewhat free spirited and open minded to run off with Raistlin (even if the influence of the Kingpriest did take some of that away), and she did become the head of the radical Church of Paladine (what do you know?  We have True Gods!).  Crysania also, in true Aquarius fashion, does seem to want the best for the world despite her extraordinary failure in achieving it.  (Sure, Raistlin-darling, I'll open the Abyss for you.)  So, we're still not sure that we like her, but she does make a darned good Aquarius.

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