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This webpage was created by Mrs. Mary Rydzewski to facilitate webquests by Venture students. Upon Mrs. R's retirement, Jan. 1, 2012, the site continues to be maintained. Former Venture students are encouraged to apply for the Somers Point History Grant. You may contact Mrs. R at The Venture Program serves the needs of the 4th-8th grade Gifted and Talented Students of the Somers Point School District.

Past Projects:

Our 4-6th graders VENTURE CARES won First Place statewide and Third Place in the Community Problem Solving International Competition held in Lexington, Kentucky. The City Council of Somers Point passed a resolution honoring us!

The 4th graders joined Marine Biologists from the Wetlands Institute to assist in releasing Diamondback Terrapin headstarters. They presented their donation earned from their pretzel and bake sale fundraisers.

The 7/8th graders assisted in creating the Somers Point History: Facts and Folklore project displaying interviews of senior citizens, research and local folklore games. The 7th Graders role played a living timeline of local heros for the 4th graders. 8th grade volunteers role played historical characters at the Richard Somers Day ceremonies at the Somers Mansion. A big thank you goes out to the Foundation for Education for their support and to Mrs Hibbs for helping create costumes.

Science Fiction Scenario Writing Hall of Fame
2009: Celena Storck-Martinez won 3rd place statewide. 2008: Cleo Kordomenos captured 2nd place statewide. 2007: Becky Taylor won 3rd place, Amy Plantarich/Leah Seyfert tied for 4th, and Frank Minio won 6th place statewide. Maria Kordomenos won 1st place in our local competition.
2006: Maung Aung won 2nd place and Elliot Rollins captured 3rd place statewide.
2005: Jessica Pizzo. (7th grade) won 3rd Place and Frank Chipolone.(8th grade) won 5th place statewide. Paige O'Sullivan.(8th grade) won 1st place in our local competition.
2004: 2nd Place Statewide - Paige O'Sullivan; 4th Place - Stuart Rollins; 5th Place - Mike Bradley.
2003 Statewide results:1st place - Tom Davis and 2nd Place -Jacob Greenberg

Using innovative technology to extend creative ideas is an important part of the Venture experience. Visit Mrs. R's school website to participate in our blogs and podcasts. Visit our animated myths website to experience animations and sounds in powerpoint.

Our International Keypal projects and live video conferencing have included Australia and India. Venture students volunteered to come to school at 7:30am and 5:30pm to overcome time zone differences.

Visit our Venture egroup to view photos and videos of our activities and trips. Email Mrs R at for the password.We hope you will venture forth and explore the websites we use by clicking the links listed below.

Researching with the 'Net

GT egroup You must be a member to view all files at this site. Email Mrs. R at for help.
The Kidnapped Baby an animated myth created by 4th graders. You must have powerpoint to view this project.
I'm My Own Grandpa! Can you draw this family tree???
4th Grade Venture Webquest
5th Grade Venture Webquest
Terrapin Troubles Designed by Mrs. Rydzewski and the Terrapin volunteers to describe our efforts to help DiamondBack Terrapins.

IZUMI-MINAMI Junior High School in Kumamoto City, Japan. Email exchanges starting June 2003
Discovery Channel's Brainboosters



History of Advertising includes examples. Provided by Duke University
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

Astronomy and Mars

Constellations and Mythology
NASA's Mars Exploration interactive game
Mars Facts by NASA
Mars Map
NASA's AstroAdventure interactive site
Tonight's Sky presented by Hubble Telescope provides a movie for each month
Tonight's Sky identifies stars and planets on any given date and pronounces the names.

Bubbles and Light

Bending Light; Bending Pencil
Chemicals & Mixtures
Light Thru Water; Coin
Surface Tension

Ecology and Environment

Terrapin Troubles A site designed by Mrs. Rydzewski and the Terrapin volunteers. It describes our efforts to raise DiamondBack Terrapins.

EPA - Kids Page provides interactive activities and games. 6/02

Wetlands Institute
Global Warming for Kids by EPA 2003
Example of desertification: American Dustbowl
Rainforest Issues List of sources
Environmental Law in NJ
NJ Dept of Environmental Protection/Statutes (Laws) and Regulations


Common Symbols
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology
Ancient Egypt presented by the British Museum.
Dictionary use this site to find pronunciations of words.
Hieroglyphs includes translator and e-cards
Secrets of the Pharaohs by PBS includes timeline, Tut's Tomb, Khufu's Pyramid, making mummies, ancient diseases
The Great Pyramid.Nova provides virtual reality to explore the inner passages.
Timeline of Ancient Civilizations
Videos of dung beetle and much, much more.

Elections and the Media

Select A Candidate Survey 2008
Voters Guide by League of Women Voters provides candidates answers on key questions.
Analyzing Political Cartoons by Jim Lehrer's NewsHour
Build Your Own Political Commercial by PBS.
Political Cartoons of the Week by Time
Political Cartoons
Political Cartoons Today by MSNBC
Public statements of NJ elected officials provided by Project Vote Smart
Election 2008 by CNN



Mrs. R's Wiki. Visit this website to see the latest news from Mrs. R in the Galapagos Islands. You can add your questions there too!
Charles Darwin's journal on the HMS Beagle
Create a Species by the Science Channel.
Hydrothermal Vents Scientists discover new life in the Galapagos Rift.
Galapagos Blog with Mrs R
Galapagos Conservation Trust. Visit the maps and the Junior Zone/Learning Zone for an excellent description of animals and the maps.
Plate Tectonics animation
The Voyage of the Beetle Follow the adventures of Rosie, a rose chafer beetle.
Animal Adaptations Game by EcoKids
Animals, Adaptation, and the Galapagos Islands by
Kids' Corner - Click on the turtle shell by the Charles Darwin Foundation.
Galapagos Teachers egroup
Rosetta Stone Online



Vote Smart Web
CNN/Time All Politics
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Internal Revenue Service
Library of Congress
NASA Information Services
Welcome to the White House

Greek Mythology (Greco-Roman)

New Myths created by Venture students
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology
Constellations and Mythology
Greek Alphabet
Index by MythWeb to find your favorites.
Olympians provides brief explanations and cartoon images.
The Labors of Heracles
Heroes in Greek Mythology
Fun Facts Quiz
Greek Mythology Quiz
The Roman Empire


Children of the Holocaust WebQuest created by Betty Garrity & Rosemary Fedon, Galloway Township Middle School
Cultural Diversity Webquest using Hispanic and Native American cultures.
Holocaust Unit created by Carol Ferguson, Northfield Community School
Life in the Warsaw Ghetto a webquest suggested by Bernie Dodge.
Open Heart, Open Mind Grant press release by AC-ETTC.
Open Heart, Open Mind egroup a place to share email,bookmarks, photos, and files.
Open Heart, Open Mind Website a joint project with Somers Point, Mullica, and R. Stockton College.
The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions (Discovery Channel)
WWII/Holocaust Images Gallery


Destination America-Immigration Issues
Ellis Island/American Family Immigration History Center is a great place to search several sites for family ancestors.
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Immigration Records.
Japanese American The Densho Project, 8/2001, includes personal stories for engaging students in discussions about civil rights, immigration, the Constitution, citizenship and discrimination.
New Americansincludes a citizenship test. (6/02)

Search the US Census records no fee to search for ancestors.

International Email Keypals

ATT Virtual Classroom a website created by us in collaboration with Australian and Canadian keypals. We won the Special Merit Prize, Secondary Level in this competitive international contest.

International Keypals Homepage This website has been presented in statewide technology conferences. It presents all of our email projects.

Kyrgyzstan (Russian)


AmBrit International School located in Rome, Italy. These 6th graders are visiting Pompeii!!
Babelfish a website by Altavista that translates websites written in another language.

Natal, Brazil photos

Brazil keypals 2004 at the Yazigi Intenexus School in Natal

2001-02 Keypal exchanges Australia, Peru, Italy, Norway, South Korea

2000-2001 Keypal exchanges - Japan,Australia, Peru, Norway

International Email Resources

IZUMI-MINAMI Junior High School in Kumamoto City, Japan. Email exchanges starting June 2003

World Clockfind the current time any place in the world.


Inventions & Motion

About Inventions A-Z by
Archimedes Death Ray- Myth or Fact? MIT students test the idea!
Simple Machines by The Franklin Institute describes the six basic machines.
Six Simple Machines with photo examples and animations.
NASA Aviation includes the Wright Brothers Game
DaVinci's Mysterious Machines an interactive game!
Da Vinci, Leonardo visit this museum website to see his machines and more
Email Engineers
Hubble Space Telescope
Interactive Timeline by PBS/American Experience
Inventors by Yahooligans
Junk Yard Wars provides a variety of challenges useful for Independent Project Presentations in Venture.
Kids' Pages at US Patent and Trademark Office includes games!
Sir Isaac Newton
Physical Processesincludes interactive games for motion.
Parkworld Plot- a Force and Motion Game & Quiz

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Members of the Expedition and their journals PBS
Corps describes people.
Corp of Discovery
US Army Corps of Discovery
Lewis and Clark-2004
St Joseph
42 Descriptions of each member of the expedition

The Jesse Owens Story - Berlin 1936 Olympics

Berlin Olympics -US Holocaust Memorial Museaum
Thornwood Publishers - Photos
Berlin Olympics 1936 - photos
Jesse Owens photo

Just For Fun

Atlantic City Press
Cyber Camera
Create a cross word puzzle
Create Puzzles and Games with a photo
Greeting Cards
International Radio Stations
Left Brain Right Brain Color Test
Mars Pathfinder Mission
Multicultural Calendar
National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center
This Day In History
Graph a word using Visuwords. A 21st Century innovative way to work with new vocabulary.

Just For Fun - Adult Evening Class gives accurate prices for new and used cars
Moviefone provides local listings and previews. presented by National Association of Realtors to located houses for sale across the country
Snapfish for photography
SuperPages find people and businesses
Tax Records provides tax assessments and sales history.
Ten Hottest Zip Codes includes Somers Point
Travel Agencies online: Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia
Web Cams Live at the Jersey Shore

Latin America


Nazca lines: Peru ,
NOVA Online/Ice Mummies of the Inca/Sarita's Land
Easter Island,
Maya Virtual Tour,
Amazon: Kayapo Natives,
Warriors of the Amazon,
Mesoweb (Aztec,Maya,Olmec)
Maya Ball Game
Mummies in Atacama Desert (Peru and Chile) Cultures Alive

Travelers: South America - Related Resources
Travelers: South America - Related Resources***
Virtual Expedition
Monteverde's Habitat at Risk- Creative Learning Ctr/CostaRica
National Science Foundation
Sustainable Rainforest Products
Mexico's Rainforest
Cultures Alive/Discovery channel/*****
Nazca lines: Peru
NOVA Online/Ice Mummies of the Inca/Sarita's Land
Monteverde's Habitat at Risk- Creative Learning Ctr/CostaRica
Quest: NASA K-12 (rainforest)
Travelers: South America - Related Resources***
Instructional Television: Race to Save the Planet: Teaching Modules
Sustainable Rainforest Products
Harley Hahn's Internet Exploration Station:Politics**

Law and Mock Trials

Research Law Schools
LSAT:Sample Questions The LSAT is a test for admission to law schools.
NJ State Bar Foundation, Students' Corner, Law Fair
Bill of Rights
The Constitution/with Amendments
Court Procedures and Terms (Dictionary)
How Laws are Created/From Bill to Law in NJ
How Laws are Created/National-Wash,DC
Laws to Know
Mock Trials - 6th grade
Mock Trials - 7/8th grades
NJ Environmental Laws
NJ Dept of Environmental Protection: Statutes (Laws) and Regulations

Current Events Example Cape May County Murder Trial - Teens Fighting

Logic and Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Finding Patterns and More Fun
Discovery Channel Brainboosters
More Challenging Logic

Middle Ages:

Battle of Hastings-animation of 1066 tapestry
Battle of Hastings reenactment
Black Death affect on Europe in the Middle Ages
Black Death
Geoffrey Chaucer
Christmas in the Middle Ages
No Christmas Tree in the Medieval Times!
Medieval Castles
3d Reconstructions of Castles and Abby
Hats Game
Medieval HealthCure the patient game
The Lost Village is a story about village life created by Stockton professor Ken Tompkins
Unicorn Tapestries
The Battle of Hastings on the Bayeux Tapestry
Battle of Hastings Game by the BBC
Novaís Medieval Siege interactive examples of trebuchet and capturing a castle.
Kidís Castle explore the castle.
Stained Glassexamples in a German cathedral

Projects and Contests:

Somers Point History: Facts & Folklore. Our 2006 project won a grant from the NJ Association for Gifted Children and the SRI-ETTC.
TERRAPIN TROUBLES Our website won the Global Schoolhouse Cyberfair and SRI-ETTC contests.
The Global Schoolhouse International CyberFair 2002 We won the Gold Award in the Environmental category!!!
ATT Virtual Classroom/VC-45
We won the Award for Best Collaboration in 2000. We created this site with our Australian and Canadian keypals.

Our Community: A website created by Mrs Rydzewski and Mrs Lynch. We won 2nd place in the NJ Community contest,2000.

International Keypals presented at the NJ Technology Conference
Social Studies with Mrs. Rydzewski
Terrapin Project:Asian Internship Program Jordan Road School 7th graders working with Asian interns during the June 2002 release. Asian Intern's Reports include Somers Point students
Japanese-American Veterans interviewed by students from Enchanted Lake Elementary, Kailua, Hawaii, USA.
National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center
Multicultural calendar
Mars Pathfinder Mission
Quest: NASA K-12 (rainforest)
Homepage for NASA school projects
TerraServer-Satellite Images See Somers Point from Outer Space!
The White House
WWII memories in Mankato/North Mankato, Minnesota

Future Problem Solving - Science Fiction Scenario Writing

Contest Topics
Scenario Writing Rules
Future Problem Solving-NJ Website
International Future Problem Solving - vote for future topics
Elements of Plot Powerpoint with cartoons! Tips for Coaches and Authors
The Future of the Body Issues of genetically enhancing our biology
"Surgery in the sun lures patients to Thailand." deals with body enhancement issues.
World's First Face Transplant
Plastic Surgery--The New Addiction
Brain Chip - Neurotech Dawn'
Who Should Read Your Mind discusses neurotech that reads your mind!
Neurotechnology's New Wave claims the "bionic man" is a reality.
Artificial Intelligenceis not a danger.
Chat with Eliza an example of AI in a robot
BBC webcast on AI. A video conference predicting AI success.
Internet Bullying an article describing the dangers of IM
Smart Clothes

Somers Point History

Somers Point History: Fact and Folklore created by the 7th and 8th grade Venture students
Somers Point History Timeline
Thinkquest History Project created by Trevor S., Eric S., Nick D., Kyle M.
Thinkquest History Project created by Kevin M., Nick F., Frank M.
Early Colonial History
Captain Richard Somers
Commodore Stephen Decatur friend and commanding officer of Capt. Richard Somers. This site has several references to Somers.
Bring Richard Somers Back Home by local historian William Kelly describes efforts to return the crew's remains.
NJ Pinelands: Tranquility and Revolution a "Nest of Rebel pirates."
Ship Building along the Great Egg Harbor River and Patcong Creek
Quakers, Privateers and Ship Builders use the find option in your menu to ID references to Somers.
Dept of Navy/Naval Historical Center
Barbary Wars fighting pirates from Tripoli, Libya
Muammar al-Qaddafi, present leader of Libya. Is he cooperating with the USA?
Somers Point Historical Society
The Pointers includes many photos of old Somers Point
Baymen: The Point, The Bay, The People a website about making a living from the bay includes photos. Be sure to visit the page showingLousy Harbor and boats
The Way We Were Part 1 by Bill Carr with many historical photos of bay and boats.
The Way We Were Part 2 by Bill Carr with many historical photos of bay and boats.

Stock Market

CBS MarketWatch Investor Tools
Measure 4 Measure a collection of sites with tools for calculating.
Morningstar investing tools, calculators, ratings, advice and much more.
Mutual Fund Expense Analyzer compares funds
Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Stock Research

Teacher and Parent Sites

Big ChalkSends a weekly email listing top educational sites
Classroom Connect
The Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project Web Site for Education Reform
Camps and Programs for Gifted Students
Discovery Channel School
ETTC at Stockton
Global SchoolNet's Internet Projects Registry
Chose to Save a useful collection of tools for calculating savings for education and retirement.
Measure 4 Measure a collection of sites with tools for calculating.
NJ Association for Gifted Children
NJ Dept of Education Gifted and Talented Program requirements
PBS Online: Welcome!

Third Grade Enrichment
1. Huge collection of photos and information about animals.
2.Animal Tracks Den Sample tracks, photos and information about mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects and humans.
3. Online matching game with explanation of each animal
4. Simple and easy animal tracks matching handout (deer,bird,fox,cat)
5. Challenging game with photos of tracks; fun sound clip clues.
6. Somers Point History: Fact and Folklore created by the 7th and 8th grade Venture students
7. Somers Point History Timeline
8. Bring Richard Somers Back Home
9. Ship Building along the Great Egg Harbor River and Patcong Creek
10. The Pointers includes many photos of old Somers Point
11. Baymen: The Point, The Bay, The People a website about making a living from the bay includes photos. Be sure to visit the page showingLousy Harbor and boats
12. The Way We Were Part 1 by Bill Carr with many historical photos of bay and boats.
13. The Way We Were Part 2 by Bill Carr with many historical photos of bay and boats.

Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mystery Project is under construction by the 7th and 8th Grade Venture students.
Interactive Crime Scene
King Arthur's Camelot
Megalithic Mysteries in UK
Nazca Lines of Peru
Nova: Ancient Manuscripts
Nova: Ancient Americans - Kennewick Man
Nova: Easter Island
Nova: Mummies of China 3000 years old and reddish blond hair???
Secrets of the Dead Crime Scene Investigations meet History by PBS
Shroud of Turin


Script for games like hangman,etc.
Web Design Library
Web Monkey provides many valuable web designing tips
Applets used to add games to your webpage.
Game applets
Make a Picture Puzzle using your own photo
Mrs Rydzewski's Social Studies Website
Webquests by Bernie Dodge
Filamentality: Defines terms and offers examplesHotlists,Subject Sampler,Treasure Hunt,Webquests
Internet Resources - ETTCA list of sites offering webquests