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The Bad Guy Poems

You stare at me
and seem to think
I'd waste my time on you
but I've done before
and won't do again
a mistake of talking too
You hurt me once
But not again
Yes I know it's true
You don't know
But still I do
it really hurt me too.

If you leave me alone
I would be a whole lot happier
If I didn't have to hear the tone
of your voice.
I don't mean to moan,
It could be a whole lot crappier,
you could be a clone.
But you don't respond to my ploys
to throw you off the hooks.
If that were all it would be flattery
My heart you haven't took.
If you did I'd laugh.
I'd take a truck
to get away from your prattery
voice. Would you leave if I told you I couldn't cook?
No, you would just be sorry on my behalf.
Why do you stay
here with me?
If you stay I may
have to do something drastic.
I have tried to pray
for you to flee.
If I tried to pay
you then you'd say I was spastic.
Just go away.
I may talk to you someday.

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