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Welcome to Phil's WebTV Links Page... Please Enjoy Your Stay

This site contains many links on all sorts of subjects for WebTV. I made it for people who need to learn things about WebTV and for those who want to explore and see all the great things that we can do on WebTV. Make sure you visit all 5 of my pages to see all of the great links that I added.

I recently cleaned up the page a bit and removed most of the dead links, which removed about half of the links...LOL

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Phil's List of Links

I am not in any way affiliated with any of these sights, groups or companies. This is not in any way an advertisement for any of them. They are here for information purposes only. I also take NO responsibility for any actions you may make within them. Thank You and Enjoy

WebTV News, Help, Gossip & Other Info



Net4TV Voice

RUEL'S WebTV Net Page

Vanmaaren's WWWebTV Survey Homepage

Web Help

WebTV WeCare Online

WebTV Help Team

WebTV Special Interest Group

Real Audio Sites

BRS Web Radio


Minty's Real Audio Sites!

Ralph's Music for All

Wav's, Midi's & Shockwave Audio

Classical Midi Archives

Music of Cyberspace

Redsal's Midi Page

Search The Net For A Certain Midi File


Sound Express

Karaoke, Mpeg's & More

Bell Labs Text-To-Speech

Fuzzy's Mpeg Links

KARAOKE - Sing Along With Bob & Nancy

Macromedia SHOCKZONE

MIDI farm

Taco Tom's Karaoke Pages & Songs

The Incredibly Pointless Karaoke Jukebox

The WebTV Karaoke Party

Games & More

All Mixed Up - Classic Games

Bill's Games


Classic Games

DEEPSPACE9'S Games Collection For WebTV

Games at The Info Service

Net4TV Solitaire

Rags To Riches Rescue Game

Robbie's WebTV Games

Ronbo's Game Links

STARLUCK Online Virtual Casino--18 and over please

Trivial Pursuit

Twinkie's Game Folder

WebTV Games

Chat Rooms & IRC's

Chat Zone Server List



HyperChat UK

Ray's List of IRC Chat Networks


The Chat Cafe - formerly Sound-Chasers Chat Cafe

The Ultimate Chatlist

Z's IRC Builder v2

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