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<--IMPORTANT: 1/11/01-->Due to server updates will be made until I make the NEW QuickCO....please keep checking this site for updates. QP out~~

Last updated: July 27, 2000.

Making this place all spiffy:

First let me say that I still (yes...STILL) didn't upload the screen shots for the SatAM ep. "Sonic Boom". I wonder how many people have click this link over and over again to a 404, oh well. As you can see on all of my pages, I have put a few nice backgrounds in the side bars of all my pages. I really must say, this makes my site look really nice. God I love my Photoshop ^_^. Also, I have really good news. If my friend gets his cable modem this weekend, I might be able to upload a few, if not all of the SU music videos! It'll take a little bit of time for me to write the lyrics to each song, I'll try to get as many as I can done when the videos are uploaded. A few have asked me about encoding and uploading full SU eps. Well, I can, but the quality and file size will mostly stay the same like the ones at, so it's not really worth it (but who knows...maybe I will in the future). Finally, I noticed that this page takes a while to load, so I put the links onto another page, and I'll try to make a different FLASH animation up above soon. Well, that's about it.

UPDATE: I just added 3 new Sonic Underground music videos.

Another Update: 2 more SU music videos are up. Later
Qp out~~


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