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Hold on to your butts....

Welcome ska lovers, to our humble dwelling on the net. We are the Creeping Dead Charlies, CDC for short. If it's not too painfully obvious, we play ska. Not any of that fruity ass hyper ska, or bloody skapunk, just straight up ska with occasional reggae and random other stuff thrown in. We strive to keep what's left of the scene true and clean for all you that can still truly appreciate it. Some of our Greatest Influences consist of Madness, the Specials, the Isrealites, the Skatalites, the 4skins, Inspecter 7 and Bad Manners. Our old guestbook entries got deleted so leave us a message and at least make us feel like there's still people out there that can appreciate ska music. May God watch over all of us in these times of confusion.
Cheers and Oi!s! - CDC

The Creeping Dead Charlies are:
    Marco "The Skankinova" - Vocals, Toasts
    and Under-aged Swooners
      Mike "the Shirtless Wonder" - Guitar and Vocals,
      Formerly Donald Sutherland
        Adam S. "McGuyver" - Alto Sax, Bagpipes
        and Rolling Machines
          Joel "J-Train" - Drummist, Funny Faces
          and Opera Singing
            Mark "Jack-o-Nugs" - 4 Stringed Bass, Nuggets
            and Break Dancing
              Adam C. "Scrotelli" - Tenor Sax, Soccer Moms
              and Beat Boxing


  • The Band IS NO MORE. Do not expect to see us any time soon at any shows, or to hear any new music from us. It was fun and we thank everyone for their support and their sister's undergarments. YEAH!!!

  • Keep an eye and an ear out for a new up and coming creepy spaced out band called Consolation Prize, featuring Andy the Shack a.k.a. Brucebo Rammstien formerly of Don't Ask Alex and Red Light District, his resident metalhead brother Anthony, CDC member Scrotelli, The Klinger, and ex-Optimistic Red/Highstrung member Tumo the Destroyer. We don't play much ska, but we will rape your ears and have our way with your minds!!!!

    There is no more mailing list, try smoke signals.

    As always, for BOOKING call Adam C. at (201)634-0787 or E-mail us.

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    This page and all material contained herein is exclusive property of The Creeping Dead Charlies and may not be reproduced in any way. If you do, we'll come to your house and break your kneecaps. 1999