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Welcome to Derek Taylor's Fun House

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A little something about me...

My name is Derek Taylor. I am a recent graduate ofThe University of New Hampshire. I was born on the ninth of March in 1978. I was an English major and plan on becoming a pilot and a writer. I graduated from Newport High School in 1996. I was a dj at WUNH, voted Gavin Magazine's "College Radio Station of the Year" for 1997 and 1998. Right now I work in the deli at the local supermarket until I find a better job more suited to my creative needs.

Leah and I got engaged at 12:00:04am on Jan. 1, 2000!
Leah and I got MARRIED on Dec. 30th 2000!

Some of my favorite bands...(with more to come... be patient)

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If you want your site added here, or if you have any comments, feel free to write to me at...

Derek Taylor
16A South St
Newport, NH 03773
ICQ#'s 18055503 or 25867363

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