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Meet Chloe

Chloe is an Australian Cattle Dog, that was diagnosed with lymphoma 3/00. She is currently receiving doxorubicin and is handling it well. She does not know she is sick, my vet says!

She will be 9 in May and was my first homebred champion. She has one blue eye, so probably shouldn't have been shown, but she was the only pup from 3 breedings and her sire was 14 when she was born, so we went ahead and showed her anyway. She finished fast and won a Best In Match on the way.

As an only puppy, Chloe was a bit spoiled, but grew up very smart and able to figure out about anything. She is a certified tennis ball nut. If no ball is available, she will find any toy to get someone to play fetch with her. If crated, she amuses herself rolling her rubber yapple ball down her back and flipping around and catching it before it hits to floor. Never a dull moment....

Lovingly written by Pam of Briarmoor ACD's

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