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Tribute to Dogs with Cancer - Page 26

Beloved friends of Tony and Bear


You were the leader
you were my number one
and even on a day like this
from above we feel the sun
we have shared our days for eleven years
yet this day I could not see
because if not for you
a different man I would be
so now is the time my friend
to send you on your way
to brighten the lives of others
in a place so far away
talk to nicco and bear sometimes
and tell them not to cry
that one day you will see them again
and with wings of angels fly
I will miss you my friend
but you will always be with me
deep within my soul
where only I can see
cosmo, cosmo, daddys big boy
we will always love you
nicco and bear and daddy
and everyone that ever met you
sleep with the angels buddy,I will see you one day.



Nicco Akula Cartozzo
October 31, 1995- April 18, 2009

Daddy can look high Daddy can look low
But he will never find another like Nicco
You taught me more than you ever knew
about love and life just by being you

I know you and Cosmo are together right now
and no matter how I miss you you're on top of the world now
so go on and fly lil man, bark and run free
for you have been healed, the only pain stayed with me

daddy will be right here as you go on your way
but you are here in my heart till my last day
and let me say thank you for the time that we had
I consider myself lucky and should not be sad
but its hard my friend when I look for you
under the desk and on your little bed too

13 birthdays, 13 Christmases
13 of everything has come to an end
13 years with a lifetime of kisses
But I promise my friend I will see you again

I will never be the same without you, I love you Nicco
Sleep with the angels my boy and we will meet at the bridge one day
all the love in the world ......daddy

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December 1993 - November 2006
Died: November 8th 2006
Submitted by: Mom - Carla Lohn

Poncho, Popolito, Ponchetto, Chalupa, Neanderthal, Dork, Buddy, Poncho Man (song). Most of these nick names came from other people who met Poncho. My little guy had an effect on people hence all the nick names and smiles when anyone met him.

We had a lot of good years together. Although I wasn't ready for him to leave, I look back and remember all the wonderful times we had together. Poncho loved my family and friends very much and adopted my parents as his grandparents, and my siblings as his aunts and uncles.

Poncho was my protector. Then again; if someone broke into the house he would be the first under the bed barking. The physical protection Poncho provided was minute compared to the emotional protection he gave me. Whenever I was down or hurt, he was always there pawing me and whining saying "Mom, its okay, don't cry, I'm here for you." He would kiss my hands and face and let me know he loved me very much.

Some of Poncho's favorite times include:
1. Going to Grandma and Grandpa's on a Sunday afternoon;
2. Boating on a warm day but NO swimming;
3. Running with Pops;
4. Peeing on those that 'pissed' him off;
5. Getting dried off after the baths; running around like a speed demon;
6. Daily mooching for carrots and broccoli;
7. Walks to the church at our old condo;
8. Getting under the covers when it was cold;
9. Teasing "you" with his toy; keep away.

Poncho was my little guy. He was also my teacher. He taught me how to love, show compassion, the true meaning of friendship, patience, and communication. Poncho also taught me about death and when to let go. He let me know by shutting down and through his eyes he said it was time. The last thing he saw was the love in my eyes before he closed his. Poncho thank you for your love and our many good memories together. I miss you and love you very much!

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Lance / Chance we all called him something different but he was a wonderful dog!! He died Nov. 4th 2007 at aprox. 4:30 pm of liver cancer.

Born 2000? We had him a short time. He had a difficult life prior to being with us. He died at home in our arms. He will be missed terribly. He was such a unique and special dog! His favorite toy was an old rubber duck. He was so dedicated to us and our safety. Especially his bedmate Mark Jr.

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Passed away from chemo toxicity
8/98 - 6/06

Beloved friend of Delores

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Beloved friend of Kevin

Went to the Rainbow Bridge 01/01/08

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(Sasha is in the rear, her brother and
best friend Muki is in the front)
15 years old
Thyroid Cancer
Went to the Rainbow Bridge 01/28/08

Lovingly remembered by Joanna

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11/19/01 - 01/19/08

Beloved friend

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Maggie Ann

Born in August 1995, DX with periphial nerve sheath cancer in April 2005 and left for the bridge on Dec.17,2007.

She was a faithful companion for over 12 years and my newspaper motor route "helper" for most of those years. She is sadly missed and beautifully remembered by her whole family.
Darlene and Clark Michael from Ohio.

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Greatly missed and loved by Edwina

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