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Tribute to Dogs with Cancer - Page 23

10/24/96 - 9/2/04
Son of Borus

Canine Cancer Warrior against Lymphoma from 7/21/01 to 9/2/04.

Our boy, BarqLee, beat the odds for more than 3 years with excellent quality of life. He passed quietly in his sleep on September 2, 2004, remaining forever in our hearts.
Becky & Jim

October 1990 July 2004
Cancer (spleen)
Diagnosed July 4, 2004
Submitted by Shannon

What can I say about our Casey? We first decided to get Casey after our house had been robbed back in 1990 but what we did not expect was how much he would become part of our family. He was my brother, no matter what people might say. And at this time, I mourn like I would mourn a brother.

Casey touched people in a way that I can not fully describe. He never made a child cry or a person frightened. He just loved everyone and everyone loved him. You could not help but smile when you saw Casey.

He was not only a happy dog, but a strong one as well. He traveled across country with my mother and father in a Uhaul, sitting right in the middle of them both. Never did he whine, or bark for he was happy with the ones he loved most.

Even in his last days, Casey showed so much love for his family and everyone who came his way. No one could have guessed that only a couple days later, Casey would no longer be with us.

Now the bowls are left empty, and the bones lay on the floor while our hearts yearn for one more day with our beloved Casey.

We would like to hope that now Casey is able to run in heaven with all the other dogs. And we feel much better knowing that we will all be with him again someday.

We love you Casey!!!

Purebreed American Pitbull Terrier
01/24/1991 - 02/10/2003
Cutaneous Lymphoma
Diagnosed November 2002
Shipped from Texas at 7 wks old to Vancouver, BC, Canada.
"My heart still breaks everyday without you!"
Linda Cusmano

1994 - July 28, 2004
Diagnosed June 26, 2004

Molly was our sweet little girl, she was loved and is missed every day by Mike, Cheryl, Jesse, and Jacob

Julie's Angels






In honor of Casey, I would like to share a few stories. He was so smart and totally entertaining and I should really write a book on his funny antics. He had quite the charming personality. I see some of him in Ben.

He loved to sing and had a beautiful tenor voice. His favorite song was Happy Birthday. When we were on the phone to a family member, he always wanted to sing, especially if it really was their birthday. I remember once I called my niece, who happens to have the same birthday as Casey. He was in the other room working. (He had a watch dog job from the landing on the stairs that he took very seriously.) I called to him to come and sing Happy Birthday. He came a runnin' tail going 100 miles an hour, with his little lips moving, no sound coming out. It looked like he was either warming up or practicing the scales. My husband thought he was trying to remember the words, but I knew he would never forget them. It was so funny to see those lips moving. As soon as he reached the phone he broke into song.

One morning my husband took him out for his morning constitution. As they were coming back to the house, DH noticed a sock by the mailbox. He picked it up, recognized it as one of his, pondered it for a moment and brought it inside. He didn't give it much more thought. The next morning it happened again, same spot. This happened a 3rd time. The 4th morning, while he was putting Casey's leash on, he noticed something just barely sticking out of his mouth. On further inspection and a little tugging, he found a sock tucked neatly inside Casey's mouth. Okay, what was the purpose of stealing a sock and dropping it by the mailbox? He obviously intended to pick it up on the way back, but why? Five years later I still, on occasion, find a stray sock in or under some little used thing.

Casey moved in with us at 12 weeks of age one cool Columbus Day morning. The following February, I had to go in for a hip replacement. In my early 30's that was devastating. I also didn't want to leave my puppy, but I had no choice. I had many complications ending up with some paralysis and 5 weeks later a fall, breaking my femur. Spent 6 weeks in the hospital, and 7 months in a bed set up in our family room. Casey watched all this and became extremely protective of me. A couple years later we were keeping a friend's dog. She didn't know the rules of "When mom is on the stairs, no one else is allowed on them". Casey made this rule up himself and would always wait at the bottom, watching me to be sure I was safe. His friend, Coco, began running up and down the stairs. I stopped and Casey ran up to her and chased her down the stairs into a corner. It looked like he told he, "Now sit and stay", because she did. At one point she stood up. He turned around and just glared at her. Man did she sit fast!! She never again got on the stairs while I was on them.

Okay, please humor me. Just 2 more.

I would buy the huge Milk Bones for him. You know, the ones the size of a hand. I would put the box down on Sunday night. He would reach in and take one. Then he would cautiously sneak around the corner. If I would look at him he would come back and go the other way. It was very important that I not see where he was going. Of course, I would have to sneak a peak. He would place it in a corner and cover it with his nose with imaginary dirt. He would continue this until he had 5 hidden all over the house. Always 5. We had to pretend not to see it if we would stumble upon one. Every night while watching the news, he would go find one and lay down in front of the TV, munching.

He had one of those machines that looks like a gum ball machine. The handle looks like a big bone. Hubby put some of his dry food in it and Casey quickly learned if he hit the bone, food would come out. He would only hit it before his walk in the morning. He would act like he was going to the door, giggle, and run back to the machine. He would hit it 12 times, no more, no less, the proceed onto his walk. He did this every morning for the last 3 years of his life. 12?!

We were convinced he had OCD. He had a toy box. His toys had to be just so. He organized it every day. I have mentioned this recently, but thought I would add it to the list here today. When he would become ancy and rambunctious, we would mess up his toy box. He would then have to spend time rearranging and straightening. By the time he was done, he was calm.

My sweet baby angel, We still love you with all our hearts and will never forget you. Thank you for teaching us how to laugh during hard times, especially those with the tragedy of the house. And thank you for all the other precious gifts you gave us. You were truly our furry entertainment center.


Brandy was born February 9, 1995. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the University of Missouri-Columbia just before Christmas in December 2003 and she passed away January 5, 2004. Brandy was very special to our hearts and was mother, grandmother and great grandmother to Boxers that we still have. She loved to run and play like a pup. Brandy loved to go "swimming" trying to get the ducks across the pond while we were fishing.

Missed by Shelly and Family


The zen dog, compassionate warrior, defender of small dogs and cats, protector of small children, my best friend ~ now a warrior dog in the spirit world, where I listen for her in the wind, the trees, the water.

Because of a puppyhood battle with the horrid distemper virus and then from the neurological side-effects the disease leaves behind, vets said she'd never make it past 8 years old. Nobody told Maggie this. Even when the arthritis became severe, Maggie continued to hike in nature. Stoic, brave, determined, yet also friendly, loving, happy, playful. But liver cancer was too much to fight, though she tried so hard.

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