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Tribute to Dogs with Cancer - Page 11

"Big Puppy"
April 18, 1996 - July 1, 2002
Diagnosed May 3, 2002

Gone but not forgotten.
You are truly loved and missed.
Lovingly submitted Peggy and Ed

Baxter and his buddy Gus

09/26/90 - 08/07/02
Lung Cancer
Diagnosed on 6/13/2002

Beloved friend who filled my life with love
and joy and remains forever in my heart.

Lovingly submitted Mary and Family

11/11/93 - 6/20/02
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Diagnosed 10/01

Loved and missed by:
Tere & Wayne
Natchez (his real doggie mom)
Tracie (his bed partner)
And the rest of the Beauxdaque crew!

AKA: Cheerio Monster
1995(?) - 06/22/2002
Mast Cell Tumor
Diagnosed April 2002

"You deeply touched our lives.
Your spirit made you special,
Your courage and strength was inspirational.
Our hearts embrace you and will never let you go,
We will love and remember you always.
Goodbye Sweet Cheerio-Monster."

Loved and missed by:
Jeremy & Tanji

Bullet (aka Bully, aka The Magic Bullet)
Born 3/15/1991, rescued 9/19/1992
Diagnosed 9/19/2000, Multicentric Lymphoma (late stage)
The love of my life, the dog of my dreams

9/19/1992: Bullet was 1-1/2 years old and 58 pounds when I removed him from a shelter kennel and put him into my tiny (and brand new) Toyota Celica. What can I say, I wasn't planning to get a dog when I bought the car. Within a year Bully convinced me to trade in the Celica for a Jeep Cherokee so I could take him up to Lake Placid for dog sledding weekends.

7/17/2000: Bullet was diagnosed with late stage multicentric lymphoma and started chemo the next day. He was in remission within a week. Although there were several severe reactions to treatment, he survived the rigorous 75-week VelCap-L protocol, finishing in March 2002. Our oncologist had a graduation party for him!

10/1/2002: Bullet now has a 26-month+ remission and has recovered completely from the chemo. He's beautiful, sweet, funny and smart - in short, a perfect geriatric husky. I am so very grateful that he's still here with me during his twilight years and every day I'm willing the lymphoma to stay in remission.

This beautiful beast has given me so much joy. I call him the Magic Bullet.

Lovingly Submitted by Laurie

"Mcdonald’s Maximum Security"
12-87 to 4-98


1-98 to 9-02

Both are gone to a far better place and we miss them
more than anything. You 2 are never far from our minds.

Love Dad, Mom, and Reagan

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