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Model Horses


I've been collecting Breyer Horses since I was "that high" and my collection hovers around 200 models. Three years ago I was introduced to North Light horses and am now starting to collect those as well (as if I don't already live in a state of constant shelf crisis!). I compete sporadically in live shows in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area under the stable name Somerville Stables (named for the Oxford College, alma mater of writer Dorothy L. Sayers). My showing interests are mainly English Performance and Driving.

See pictures from Breyerfest 2000 (my first!).

Somerville Stables Sire/Dam List
Want List
Sires/Dams Wanted
Breyerfest 2001 Diary – coming back soon!


Other Links:

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New England Model Horse Club (NEMHC)
Rio Rondo - Good source for tack making supplies.
Forest Of Ennien- Source for made to order foxhounds.
Carriage Association of America
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