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What is Echolink
What is Echolink
Eastern New England Echolink System
System Requirements
KB1XI Function Codes
Server Busy message
Echolink Directory
Basic Setup
Firewall and Routers
Audio Settings
Recording QSOs
Echolink Proxy
Echolink Conferencing
Repeater Linking
Echolink for I-Phone FAQ
A Typical Configuration
Station Photos
Echolink Home page
Download Echolink
NH Repeater Listings
Current Virus Threats

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One of my many station layouts over the years
This is one of my favorites, bright and uncluttered.
Northwood, NH 1989. Here I was operating on
75 meters with a Kenwood 520SP at 100 watts into
a 1/2 wave dipole at 60 feet. At this time I had not
yet upgrated to Extra Class.

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