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The Chrono Trigger Novel Project

I am sure that everyone who has ever played the game Chrono Trigger is aware of its excellent storyline, a storyline that is fit for any book or movie. How many times have you said to yourself, wouldn't Chrono Trigger be an awesome book? Wouldn't it be cool if someone were to take on this task? Well, for you avid CT fans out their, you may be interested to know that someone already has. Yes recently we at CT Online! have become aware that someone is turning the plot of Chrono Trigger into a novel. That someone is Wayne.

When I first heard of this project a few weeks ago, I have to say I was surprised and pleased. I always wished someone would take a stab at it. I know that a classic like Chrono Trigger, which still has many fans from all parts, would certainly sell, but I was surprised at how little publicity the project was getting. I, as a CT webmaster, surf the web all the time for info on Chrono Trigger, but I have never come across any info on this work in progress. This, I felt, was a shame. If tihs project is going to get off the ground, if Square is going to approve Wayne's hard work, we need positive fan feedback to show that this project can and will succeed. More CT fans need to know about it. This is why I have decided to add a section to my site covering the progress of the novel and information pertaining to it, so that this project can become more well known. If someone is willing to devote five years of their life to a project to benefit all Chrono Trigger fans out there, the least we at CT Online! can do is put up a section for him.

Follow the links below for more info on the Chrono Trigger Novel.

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