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Welcome to the offical website of Team STEEEL RESERVE. Steeel Reserve Takes Home the Ultimate Prize in Opener. The muscles are tight, the mind is warped and the feet are still just a little numb from frost bite..... it must be the beginning of the scenario season. Steeel Reserve began their 03 campaign with a bang this weekend at "The Battle of the Bulge" scenario @ skirmish USA. Due to the winter weather the boys decided to make the whole trip in one day rather than camp out over night or stop in a room on the way back. As Steeel Reserve Roadies go, it was a classic. Only the "Original 3" of Justin "Clustaf@#$" Laplume, Dave "Blue" Blouin and P.J. "P." Laplume made the trip but, the three made it count. Despite the lack of numbers they all had a great time on the way down. Along with the Masked Maniac Steeel Reserve films got some classic footage on tape of various shoots and gags. As far as game play went, S.R. (playing as the Germans) outnumbered the opposition nearly 3-1, and despite the whether the die hards came out and Steeel played along with approximately 700 + people. The Game itself was one sided the Germans pushed the Americans all over the field at will. By 2 hours into the contest officials actually stopped the game and had the German team leave the field so the Americans could reinsert into their base. By the end of the day the boys were cold and stiff. Physically and mentally exhausted from completing mission after mission and doing it in knee to waste deep snow. Despite fatigue they boys hung around for the final ceremonies. Along with the game ceremonies Steeel Reserve awarded their Hard Core belt and MVP Belt. Justin took home the HC and Blouin took home the MVP. The wait in the snow and ice cold temps was worth it when the boys were pleasantly surprised when the general of the Germans picked them as the Most Valuable Team of the game. "MVT is the highest honor you can receive at scenario game unless your asked to be general of a team." Said team captain P. J. Laplume. "We knew we had a solid day and their was an outside chance but you never bank on it." When the General announced it we just kinda stood their for a minuet and was wondering if he was pointing at us." "It's just another rung in the latter, we always want to get more of them and better." Other captain Dave Blouin said; "This made the trip worth it. It's always worth it but this added to it." Now the boys head to EMR at the end of March for Melt Down where they hope to keep the winning ways going. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: AND NOW THE WHOLE UNTOLD STORY OF STEEEL RESERVE. The Beginning......... The team name Steeel Reserve itself is only about at it's One year anniversary. The true Botulism and diarrhea began about four years ago in a little town called Upton in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Two brothers and a mutual friend took up a little hobby called paintball on a sunny Saturday afternoon. As the three went throughout the day they realized this game was not only fun but it was a total adrenaline that none of the three had ever experienced. The Original 6...... As any good red blooded American male would do on a Saturday night they went out to chill and tell their stories to another group of friends. In two weeks time the original 3 had grown to 6. The original 6 (as they came to be known later in the story) kept on throughout the summer and soon their hobby became a passion. Many of them would not be able to go through a day of work without telling someone about the events of the past weekend. Some would even see things in the shadows that didn't exist or trigger a feeling about playing paintball. Some reported walking through their work place and saying: "This would be a great place for a paintball game." When the "O-6" wasn't playing ball they were talking or thinking about it. Get on the Scene...... The summer past but the love did not fade with falling leaves and by the second season the "O-6" was going by the name "Team Demolition Paintball." Team Demolition found themselves playing once a week at the local fields and they even made to the worlds first 48 hour scenario game at Skirmish in PA. It was shortly after that the 6 decided to dedicate their heart and sole to scenario play. Some of the members were able to go out and get a sponsor and by the third year team "R. I. W. A. " was born. Clad in classy blue and black jerseys and slick looking black cargo pants the O-6 had a name, identity and attitude. The mantra was simple..... "Paintball by day Party by night" Rebirth...... As all honeymoons do it came to an end. The so-called sponsor fell through and once again the "O-6" was out of sponsorship and needed a new identity. In the winter of this troubling time the "O-6" had picked up a 7th. The 7th proved to be the best pick up of the team to this date. As most moments of genius occur some of the group was out drinking beer. The name of this beer.... Steel Reserve. It just seemed to fit, Steel Reserve was a beer that was served in a big ugly 40 oz bottle it also left a bad taste in your mouth, but it got the job done (if you know what I mean). A brave new look..... Steeel Reserve (with three E's) was born. Now all they needed was a look. How can we look sharp and have a look that stands out? Was the question asked by most. Purple and black was the color scheme chosen. The 7 had grown to 8 and this past year they hit several big scenario games and found a new home in the same town where the story began in Upton Mass. Fox 4 Paintball is where the boys call home. Up to now...... In the most recent weeks the team has grown from 8 to 13 and they have alternate jerseys with red and black color scheme. Their is no doubt this rowdy band of brothers is on to something big. Along with their own broadcast Journalist "The Masked Maniac" they hope to make some big waves in the scenario world and finally bring some recognition to the Rhode Island paintball scene.

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