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  Missingno.....TALK to the guy who ask if your in a hurry.Say NO, than FLY to Cinnabar Island. SURF along the EDGE. You should find a weird Pokemon.AND/OR Pokemon over LEVEL 100!!! WARNING: Your Hall of fame my be Erased, Don't catch The other Glitch, 'm. Your game may Erase

  +100 of any item....Do above. Fight 'm/MissingNo. The Sixth item you have will be duplicated.

  Mew..... GameShark Code---0115D8CF Game Genie---

  Raise The Chance of Catching...Press B+up When the ball "explodes". It usually Works!

 While walking around where the slot machines are, you can find a lot of coins suggested method: take a step and press a until youve covered the whole area

 Have two games on with one that has a common and a rare one that you want to have a duplicate of. Trade them and when the person getting the pokémon, while it says "waiting" shut off your game. Test it first with common pokemon to be sure it will work.