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welcome, welcome to my lair, the lair of the wandering dragon

Hello everyone, this is Erik, the new site headmaster. I've done some improving lately and the site is a bit more organized. I have added a neat list of links to different parts of the site below I hope you enjoy it

  Erik's page

my opinion about the world of pokémon


whos the strongest? cast your vote


stories by Kenny and I

  crime and punishment

stories about people who have lost their cards and want revenge

  card news

decl updates and card release news

  the eevee files

this shows the profiles of all the eevee family

  future pokémon

whats next in the world of pokémon

  poké list

a list of all 151 pokémon and my thoughts of them


pics and commentary from the T.V. show

  flareons Q&A

flareon answers your questions politely as he can


members and requirements to be come one

  message board

post your message about pokemon or life as it is


more codes about gameboy coming soon!

  a friends site

try it. it might be fun. neeto's site