Last Summer

REFREIN: When I saw you last summer, in your room upstairs there dear, with your body so sweet your touch so near! Then I couldn't imagine that it shouldn't last long dear, that I wouldn't see you for so long here! Girl - how I long for your nearness, here by me I love to see your appearance. 'Cause - the last time I saw you it seems too long ago, I long for your touch girl. REFREIN: How I wish it was summer, maybe then I'll see you dear once again in that place so far from here. 'Cause I haven't seen your face for so very long time dear that I'm almost depressed by waiting for you, come here by me! Instrumentaal interlude Dear darlin' - stay with me, say that you'll stay with me forever and ever and never leave me again!


Jan Meinsma zingt dit lied in duet met jazz-zangeres Elly May Efd uit Leeuwarden (o.a. zangeres van het vroeger bekende Joop Verbeke Kwartet, Big Band Leeuwarden, Total Loss Band en Sayjazz)

Tekst: P. Oegema, 9271 GH De Westereen / Zwaagwesteinde Buma/Stemranummer 62875

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