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Selkie Resources

Orkneyjar: the selkie that deud no forget
Dreams Fairies and Tails: Selkie
A nice selkie picture
Roanes: Irish for "selkie"
H20: The Mystery, Art, and Science of Water
Cool Neoprene Mermaid Tail

100 years of Barrie's Peter Pan! (good mermaid scene in the new movie)
Twins Resources

a Multiple Births Links Site

MultipleBirthsCanada.Org Links

Parenting Resources
Today's Parent

Fun stuff

Does this look fun to you? check out: Acsending Women: Canadian Women Ice-Climbing Yeah Baby!

You are Lost Emily!! You prefer to stay
Lost Emily

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Water Lovers

Free-diver Yasemin Dalkilic
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Freedive Vancouver
Dive Girl
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