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The Birth Story
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Finally! The day we all were waiting for came!

October 5, 2002
The Hospital's Labour and Birth Unit called us at 7:15 AM to say that we could come in at any time to be induced that day. We were nervous and excited, but prepared. We called Amber and Dana, our doulas, to tell them the good news and to let them prepare. Then we prepared to go; our daughter Gideon was already staying with her Auntie Heidi.

We arrived at the Hospital shortly after 9 AM. It was dark ad quiet in there, very strangely calm. The main power was shut off, I guess, for testing reasons. We got up to Labour and Birth, and there were no other patients in labour! Just us! So we picked the biggest, nicest room and settled in. We were feeling pretty happy. The nurse introduced herself as Sandy and told us that she, also, had had twins by induction. A resident Dr. came in to ask if he could participate in our twin birth as he had never had the experience. We consented. The syntocin drip was initiated and so we started killing time while the contractions slowly intensified.

Some time later (I have to get the notes from our doula Amber. It was so awesome of her to keep track of everything) the doulas arrived. We hung out and distracted ourselves with music, snacks and talking. The contractions were getting heavier so Gabe and I started walking the hallways. It was still so quiet in the hospital. I guess the nurse said that it's rarely like this, the last time it was so quiet was last Christmas.

As the contractions got heavier, we started to try different things that would speed Baby A's descent. (We had had a quick ultrasound that revealed that both babies were still vertex and competing for the exit just before the syntocin was started). Neither one head would let the other pass. I tried different stretching positions to try and give Baby A, on my left, a little more room to descend into my pelvis- but Baby B wouldn't budge! I tried doing side stepping onto a stool, opening up my hips, things like that. Finally we seemed to find a position that was working. I would sit on a birthing ball with my left leg extended, leaning up against the bed. Baby B seemed to move further up into my right side. The contractions at this point were very amusing to watch as they shaped my belly into a lop-sided double bulge. Baby A was definitly making some headway. My cervix had dilated to 2 cms, and effaced 5 cm or 50%.

More walking, more stretching, and some relaxation led by Amber and we were slowly inching our way along into the evening. Our nurses changed shift and we were introduced to Leah, a recent Nursing grad working casual. What luck! Another internal revealed I had dilated further and the baby's station was now at -2.
October 6, 2002
We continued to do some stretching and relaxation. Our doulas traded off for brief naps. At one point I was sitting on the birthing ball while being massaged by Dana. I found it to be incredibly relaxing as it seemed to go on forever and ever. It was exactly 2 AM when suddenly I jumped. There was this weird bulging sensation and then "POP!", Baby A's water membrane ruptured and the floor was instantly soaked everywhere. Amber went right away to wake Gabe, who was taking a short nap at the time. Bang, everything started to really pick up now! My contractions began to increase and I phased into it- breathing slowly and heavily with Amber, Dana and Gabe guiding and relaxing me.

I was surprised at the intensity of these contractions. It was all a very new experience for me, as I had had and epidural with my first daughter's birth early on, so I didn't feel the contractions getting heavier. The contractions started to get so intense that I was squeezing stress balls like there was no tommorrow- I started to retreat into my own little world. I had brief interludes of peace where I could change positions and drink some water. My lips got very dry, my throat sore. I was surprised at my ability to vocalize the labour through, keeping an even keel until my cervix was large enough to push. I was pronouned 8 cms dilated, fully effaced and the fun began!

I was quickly wheeled into the OR (just in case), while Gabe, Amber and Dana donned their jumpsuits, hairnets and masks. They looked so strange! But I was glad to have them there. I was starting to feel the urge to push and was getting rather worked up about it. My OB/GYN arrived and instantly demanded to know why an epidural hadn't been initiated yet! The nursing staff said something about how close I was already (shaking head in dissaproval), and the DR immediately ordered an anesthetist to start an epidural. I was so absorbed in trying to control the pain, but it was getting too much for me. The epidural couldn't have come at a better time. I feel good that I got so far without it though! My butt started to numb out, then my legs were positioned into stirrups. I rode out some more heavy contractions that I could feel. The Dr pushed back my cervix and then I started to push out Baby A. The mirrors were positioned for me to watch the birth, and although we had also brought a camera- one new nurse in there would not allow us to videotape, saying it was against hospital procedure. (Later on, our nurse Leah told us that it didn't seem right that we couldn't, others have- just bad luck I guess).

I began to push with the contractions, but Baby A didn't come out right away. He slowly worked his way down the birth canal, offering plenty of time for me to regroup, although it was on everyone else's mind to get these babies out ASAP! Since I requested that I not have an episiotomy in my Birth Plan (my DR was amazing, he had it practically memorized and saw too it that all my requests were granted), I didn't recieve one, which was OK. In the end I found out I had only a small tear in the labia but not much else!

Elijah Riel came into the bright world in a glorious fashion at 6:14 AM. His apgar was 8 and 8. He weighed 6 lbs on the nose, 47 cm long.

Next it was time to recieve "the hook", as the DR ruptured Baby B's membrane. More pushing and it was pronounced that Baby was breech! She had turned 180 degrees to let her brother out! The Dr took hold of her bottom and pulled on her until her legs came out. Then wriggled her chest out. Finally, her head, still caught in the birth canal, was pryed back and forth while Gabe, Amber and Dana winced. Our resident DR apparently had a huge grin on his face- I'll say, what a site to behold when experiencing a twin birth!

At 6:26 AM, a mere 12 minutes later, Reese Elisabeth came into the world. Quickly rushed to her team for resuscitation, she scored a 5 and then a 9! Reese weighed 5 lbs 8 oz, and was 47 cm long. She had a good loud scream nearby as I got to hold her brother. We congratulated the DRs and the nurses. What an amazing birth! We were then given Reese and wheeled back into the labouring room to bond with them for the next three hours. It was so blissful!

That is the twins' birthstory. I hope you enjoyed reading it, I certainly feel proud that it was accomplished, and even happier that they are now here and both healthy!

Iceselkie 2003

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