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Updated 19-Nov-2010

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AKC Registered "RJ's Black Jaxx"

  Jaxx was born 19 Nov 97 in Essex, Iowa. His mother's name is D and M Blondie and his father's name is Padyn Lenea Panther. Jaxx has been trained according to the book "Game Dog" By Richard Wolters. He has followed pretty close to the schedule in the book. I have trained him primarily for hunting pheasant. He obeys the commands of one whistle to stop and sit and a series of whistles to come. He started training with a live pigeon, and did excellent the pigeon was unhurt except for his pride, (meaning no hard mouth). My daughter and I returned the pigeon to the owner and he is doing well. His name was "Number 1". Jaxx was introduced to water for the first time on 1 July 98 and was a true labrador he dove right in, I mean dove in !!! absolutely no fear of water. Jaxx is six years old now and is doing good except for his bad knee. He hunts and flushes birds that other dogs pass buy. He has brought back every bird to my hand. When I started training Jaxx all I had in mind was to have a dog that did not run away, like I see so often with other hunting dogs in the field. I completely agree that if you put the time into training it will pay off. He is truly my best friend besides my wife of course. SPECIAL NOTE: My wife has help considerably with Jaxx also, Thanks!

  Jaxx at 13 years old was laid to rest on 7 Jan 2011 at 8am

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