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Welcome to Luna Chapter #169

Located in Elkhorn, Nebraska
Mary and Hopper Streets
Stated Meeting - 3rd Thursday

Organizations and Charities Our Chapter Supports

Nebraska Masonic Home
Masonic Eastern Star Home for Children Purple Ribbon Club
Nebraska Shrine Marching Band Scholarships Elkhorn High Schools
The Omaha Home for Boys
Western Douglas County Food Bank
Elkhorn High school Scholarship
Douglas County West High School Scholarship
Words for Thirds (provides dictionaries for DC West Third Grades)
American Heart Association

Luna Chapter 2009 Schedule
Check here for Installation dates or email to add your chapter's date

"Recipes of the Star"

Great Recipes from Great Cooks
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Luna Chapter Pages
All About Us
Luna Chapter Home Page
Luna Chapter News 2008
Luna Chapter 2009 Schedule
Tribute to Our 50 Year Members
Past Matrons and Past Patrons
Recipes of the Stars Cookbook

Past Matrons - Past Patron Terms
Marcia Imig and Ervin Imig 2009
Sue Hedges and Ervin Imig 2008  //   Traditions in Photos
Amanda Hyde Kloke - Ervin Imig 2007
Elizabeth Imig - Ervin Imig 2006   //   "Fun on the Beach" 2006 Photo Album
Sharron Gilson - Allan Rolfs 2005  //   2005 Memories Around the Chapter
April Scott - Robert Attebery 2004  //   Ark Photo Gallery 2004

Our Worthy Grand Patron
Robert Attebery, Worthy Grand Patron 2001-2002

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