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We're Kanine Dog

microphone  Woof! After a few unannounced tests in the 1620 area of the AM broadcast band over the summer months in 1988, I planned the formal kick off of broadcasting for Halloween of that year. The Fall season has its own special character to me, coming indoors as it gets cooler, a time to get cozy with the radio again, and besides, I wanted to wait until signals would reach further, which happens as cooler temperatures calm the atmosphere, reducing noise..

Pirate radio stations seem to have a fondness for Halloween, and I think it's because the dark and forbidden atmosphere fits well with the mysterious and underground nature of most free radio broadcasting. Even before I knew of organized free radio, the holiday had a special connection for me as a listener, twisting knobs on my 5 tube AM radio to hear War of the Worlds and scary music.

When I started doing radio, I carried those early influences over, producing my own Halloween shows of music and stories, with sound effects like repeated laughter, creaking doors, and locks being opened. Pitch changes on voices were carried out by recording on a tape machine normally, then changing the speed during playback; I found I could make myself sound like a squeaky little Chihuahua or a rumbling St. Bernard just by turning a knob! One of the most nefarious pitch shifts though, was done to the soundtrack from the movie Car Wash. I took the dialog parts, where the guys were talking Jive, and slowed it to half speed. I swear to Dog it sounded like a herd of cattle! I used to joke that "Special voice reprocessing has now proved what you knew all along - men, are indeed animals.."

 Past years at the Doghouse. October '98 saw excerpts from some older shows brought up from the archives, dare I call it 'classic'? Most of the early live shows were not saved, it was 'broadcasting for the moment' I'm afraid, but we do have a few hours' worth to play with.. On air broadcasts from mid October 1998 on have been encouraging; the 1996 Halloween show was re-aired, and our operatives in the field noted selective fading at a mile away from the transmitter site. This means that the critical angle was close to the frequency WKND was broadcasting on, and further, it held there for several hours. Simply put, critical angle is a time of strong refraction of signals by the ionosphere, and might mean that listeners will hear the station well..

In mid April of 99, a program was broadcast to a group of Furries in Ohio. This may have been the first time the station aired a program intended for a specific group outside the radio hobby (aside from the Dogs we always try to reach:). Furries have an interest and dedication to animals in some way - a natural fit for a station based on Canines.

The occasion was a birthday party for one of the members, and that afternoon the group took radios outside to a local field to better hear the broadcast. Low power was used to "warm up" the frequency at first, then the transmitter output was increased for the main program. Since it was mid afternoon local time, signals were limited to a range of several hundred miles for good reception; in fact, a few reports from outside that range had almost no signal at all, while the Furries had good signals..

Woof to all who contributed to the station by listening, and to our newest staff, Ricochet, the wild and crazy Sheepdog!

Radio Animal, Staff mascot, guard Dog, announcer..


Current Free Radio info at Free Radio Network on FRN.net

On some WKND broadcasts we play songs provided by our furry friends; music about animals. This section of links tries to reflect the station's 'animal' nature. Some have been barked about on the air, some are just for fun!

QSL cards are here
dancing Dog
Animorphs - teens become animals to fight aliens. (Sci-Fi)
Some of my furry friends in costume at the Fox Den
Dog Appreciation Page A cool page of pet pictures, on site..
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Free Radio Network How about a radio link huh.

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