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This quiz is to test your knowledge of New Edition. Just take the quiz and send me your answers. I will grade it and e-mail you with the correct answers.

1. What is N.E.'s favorite sport? A. football B. basketball C. soccer D. baseball

2. Before N.E., who did Johnny sing with? A. Shanice B. Whitney Houston C. Vanessa Williams D. Stacy Lattisaw

3. Which member once dated Joyce of the Good Girls? A. Ricky B. Mike C. Ralph D. Ronnie

4. What song did N.E. sing in the movie "Krush Groove"? A. "Cool It Now" B. "Once In A Lifetime Groove" C. "Kickback" D. "My Secret"

5. Who were the first 3 members of N.E.? A. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky B. Bobby, Ricky, Mike C. Ralph, Ricky, Ronnie D. Ralph, Bobby, Ronnie

6. What song appears on the Heart Break CD but is not on the tape? A. "Superlady" B. "Can You Stand The Rain" C. "I'm Comin' Home" D. "Competition"

7. What song does Bobby sing with Whitney Houston? A. "On Our Own" B. "Girlfriend" C. "Spending Time" D. "Something In Common"

8. Which member almost tripped in the "Crucial" video? A. Johnny B. Ralph C. Ricky D. Mike

9. In which videos did N.E. use the same girls? A. "Is This The End" & "Candy Girl" B. "Candy Girl" & "Popcorn Love" C. "Mr. Telephone Man" & "Cool It Now" D. "She Gives Me A Bang" & "Popcorn Love"

10. Which member went through a stage of wearing glasses without lenses? A. Ralph B. Mike C. Bobby D. Ricky

11. Which video wasn't Bobby in? A. "Candy Girl" B. "Cool It Now" C. "Count Me Out" D. "Popcorn Love"

12. Which member came up with the title "Home Again" for the N.E. reunion album? A. Ralph B. Johnny C. Mike D. Ronnie

13. Which members played instruments on the "N.E. Heart Break" album? A. Mike & Johnny B. Ricky & Ralph C. Ricky & Ronnie D. Ronnie & Ralph

14. Who discovered N.E. at a talent show more than 15 years ago? A. Maurice Starr B. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis C. Travis Gresham D. Tommy Brown

15. Which member's nickname from his family is "Poopy"? A. Ronnie B. Bobby C. Ralph D. Mike

16. Which song is not a New Edition song? A. "Good Boys" B. "Gold Mine" C. "Supernatural" D. "Look Into My Eyes"

17. Which member's middle name is Barisford? A. Bobby B. Johnny C. Mike D. Ricky

18. Which Ralph videos does Bobby appear in? A. "Do What I Gotta Do" & "Sensitivity" B. "Sensitivity (Extended Version)" & "Stone Cold Gentleman" C. "Who's The Mack" & "When I Need Somebody" D. "Stone Cold Gentleman" & "Do What I Gotta Do"

19. Which member's uncle is also N.E.'s choreographer? A. Ralph B. Mike C. Bobby D. Ronnie

20. What is Ralph's favorite type of candy? A. chocolate B. gum C. caramel D. lollipops

21. What is the name of Mike's record company? A. Biv10 Records B. MB Records C. NE Records D. Bivins Records

22. What is the only song from the "All For Love" album that was released as a video? A. "School" B. "Count Me Out" C. "With You All The Way" D. "A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)"

23. What are the names of Ronnie's brothers? A. Roger & Richard B. Robert & Roger C. Robert & Roland D. Richard & Roland

24. What color is the comb on the cover of the "All For Love" album? A. Green B. Black C. Orange D. Red

25. Which member was credited for discovering Boyz II Men? A. Mike B. Ronnie C. Johnny D. Bobby

26. What happened in a school play called "Death After School"? A. Ronnie stabbed Mike B. Mike stabbed Ricky C. Ralph stabbed Mike D. Ricky stabbed Ralph

27. Which 3 members were featured on the song "Somebody Bigger Than You And I" on "The Preacher's Wife" soundtrack? A. Ronnie, Ricky, Mike B. Bobby, Johnny, Ralph C. Ralph, Ricky, Bobby D. Ricky, Mike, Bobby

28. Which name is the name of one of Ricky's siblings? A. Andre B. Betty C. Peanut D. Tonya

29. Where was Johnny born? A. Boston, Mass. B. Washington D.C. C. New York, NY D. Atlanta, GA

30. Which member has red hair in the "Hit Me Off" video? A. Ronnie B. Ricky C. Ralph D. Bobby

31. Which member's favorite food is Chinese food? A. Ralph B. Bobby C. Ricky D. Mike

32. Which member went to Belmont High School? A. Ricky B. Mike C. Ronnie D. Ralph

33. Which members were featured on the LL Cool J song "Candy"? A. Mike & Ronnie B. Bobby & Ralph C. Ralph & Ricky D. Ricky & Ronnie

34. Which member is a health freak? A. Ralph B. Mike C. Ronnie D. Johnny

35. What is the first song N.E. recorded with all 6 members? A. "Hit Me Off" B. "Hear Me Out" C. "I'm Still In Love With You" D. "Word To The Mutha"

36. Which movie wasn't Bobby in? A. "Panther" B. "House Party 2" C. "Ghostbusters II" D. "A Thin Line Between Love And Hate"

37. Which member once said his ideal woman would be "a cross between Madonna, Janet, Whitney Houston, and Miss Piggy"? A. Ronnie B. Mike C. Ralph D. Bobby

38. What group was Ronnie in before N.E.? A. First Mission B. Next Dimension C. Cooley D. Dramatics

39. What were Ricky & Ralph known as when they were kids? A. Slick & Rizz Connection B. Bell & Tresvant Connection C. Click & Clack D. Double R Connection

40. Which 2 members deejayed together and were known as Click and Clack? A. Ralph & Ricky B. Mike & Ronnie C. Bobby & Ralph D. Ricky & Ronnie


41. "I want a firm foundation, a knock out derriere."

42. "I'll write the check to pay the price."

43. "Baby, you were in my dream, we were walking down the street."

44. "I want your love, girl understand me."

45. "Girl, I think of you all the time."

46. "It soothes me like an old time movie."

47. "I met her once or twice. I knew something was right."

48. "The rest never passed the test."

49. "All my life I've learned if I was good, did everything I should, my dreams would all come true."

50. "Even through the sunshine and the rain I never realized that you were in pain."