Stones are gifts of the Earth. They are manifestations of the universal forces-of Deity, Goddess, God, and Fate-which created all that is, was and has the potential of being. They are gifts we can use to improve our lives, our relationships and ourselves. Stones are magickal batteries which contain and concentrate the Earthís energies. Stone magick is built on simple ideas and has direct results. Using a stone in magick brings the influences and energies into play. Directing those energies is the magick.

There are three things which must exist for successful magick. They are need, emotion and knowledge.

A need must exist. Usually this is a need that can not be satisfied by any other means. Magick fills that vacuum or corrects the condition, therefore fulfilling the need.

Along with the need there must be emotion. Emotion is power. If you arenít emotionally involved in your need, you will be unable to raise enough power from any source and direct it to your need. The emotion sets the power free to bring the need into being.

The knowledge includes visualization, rituals, concentration and the reality of power. Once the need, the emotion and the knowledge are present, you can begin to practice magick.

We practice magick to improve our lives, and those of your friends and loved ones. Magick is performed out of love, not hate. It is harmony with nature not domination. Magick isnít an instrument of selfishness, domination, pain, fear, manipulation, self-gratification or control. It is life-affirming, infused with love, joy, contentment, pleasure and growth. It is best to work magick to cause change within yourself or your life before trying to help others.

Before using them in magick, stones should be charged or programmed with energy. This is done by simply holding the stone in your projective hand-usually the right, unless you are a southpaw-visualizing your magickal need and pouring energy from your body into the stone.

There are two types of energy in stones. These two types contain all the various vibrations found in stones. The vibrations attract love, repel negativity and much more. The two types are projective and receptive energies.

The projective stones are those which are bright, outward, aggressive and electric. They possess strong forceful energies which deflect evil, overcome inertia and create movement. Projective stones help destroy disease, strengthen the conscious mind and give their wearer courage and determination. They are used to promote physical energy, attract luck and bring success. In magick they would be used to add additional strength in rituals. Projective stones contact the conscious mind. They are associated with the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and the elements of Fire and Air.

Receptive stones are the natural opposite of projective stones. They are soothing, calming, inward, magnetic, promoting meditation, spirituality, wisdom and mysticism..They create peace. These stones promote communication between the conscious and subconscious mind, allowing psychic awareness to blossom. They radiate energies which attract love, money, healing and friendship. They are often used for grounding purposes, to stabilize and reaffirm our Earthly roots. They are linked with the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and the elements of Earth and Water.

The colors of stones are vital clues to unlocking their magickal uses. Colors are energies with direct effects on our minds. The colors that stones exhibit can have dramatic effects. Colors are powers. Colored stones are doubly powerful.

     Red stones are projective and active. They are related to Mars and the element of Fire, both aggressive energies. These are projective stones and work to strengthen the body and will power. They are used to promote courage, to lend energy to the body and to provide additional power to rituals by their presence on the altar.
     Pink stones are receptive and packed with loving vibrations. They are calming, soothing and are used to reduce stress and relax the physical body as well as the mind. They promote peace, happiness, joy and laughter. They stimulate the lighter emotions, help attract friends and encourage openness toward others.
     Orange stones have some of the fire of red ones but are gentler in their effects. Projective, they are often seen as symbols of the Sun. They are ideal for use in protective rituals and those designed to promote illumination. These are excellent to wear for those people with low self esteem for they expand your awareness of self-worth.
     Yellow stones are projective. Ruled by Mercury, they are used in rituals involving communication. Also ruled by the Sun, they are protective. The element of Air tells us they can be used to strengthen the conscious mind. These are stones of movement, exchange, energy and mental awareness.
     Green, the color of nature, fertility, and life has often been linked with red in religion and magick. Green stones are receptive. They are used in healing magick. Ruled by Venus, they are worn during gardening to promote growth or placed in the ground for this purpose. Their associations with the element Earth also lend to their use in spells involving money, riches, prosperity and luck. They are grounding and balancing stones which can be worn to attune with the Earth.
     Blue stones are ruled by the element of Water and the planet Neptune. They are receptive stones and promote peace. They calm the emotions, aid in sleeping, and deter nightmares. They are also used in rituals or worn to promote general healing.
     Stones which are purple are receptive and spiritual. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, they are associated with mysticism and purification. They are excellent stones to wear for meditation, psychic work or during any ritual used to contact the subconscious mind. They are used for healing and to promote peace.
     White stones are receptive and ruled by the Moon. In todayís society they are considered to be lucky stones, often carried in the pocket or worn to promote good fortune.
     Black stones are receptive. They represent the Earth and stability and are rulled by Saturn. They are symbols of self-control, resilience and quiet power. They are sometimes viewed as protective but they are more often used to ground a person.

Naturally created stones come in various shapes. The shapes of stones often reveal their magickal powers. Those stones formed into familiar shapes by natural process are thought to be more powerful than those artificially shaped. In the shapes lies the magick.

     Round stones symbolize the receptive powers of the universe, magnetism and the Mother Goddess. These stones are keys to spirituality and to unfolding psychic awareness. They are used in love spells and in all manner of attraction rituals.
     Long thin stones are phallic symbols, though this doesnít necessarily include quartz or other crystalline stones. They are projective and represent electricity and the Great God of Pagan religions.
     Stones that are egg-shaped are used to stimulate creativity and fresh ideas.
     Square stones symbolize the Earth, prosperity and abundance and are used in spells of this type. They also promote stability and grounding.
     Heart shaped stones are used magickally to stimulate or draw love. They can be carried to bring love into your life or to magnify the love within, to allow yourself to receive and give love.
     Triangular stones are protective and are worn or carried for this reason.
     Stones which are L-shaped are thought to bring good luck because this form suggests the conjunction of the spiritual with the physical.
     Pyramid shaped stones are rare in nature but are common with dealers. They concentrate and release energies through the tip toward the magickal goal.
     Diamond shaped stones obviously recall that precious gem and are used to attract riches.

Other stones are prized not for their shapes but for their shimmering or lustrous properties. Such stones as catís eye, star ruby, star sapphire, moonstone, tigerís eye, sunstone and others exhibit this phenomenon known as chatuancy. Such stones are known to be protective since they deflect negativity. They are worn as jewelry for personal protection. ďStarsĒ appearing in sapphires and rubies are thought to increase the magickal effectiveness of these stones.

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