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All codes for the Playstation version of Tekken 2

Sub Bosses
Complete the game defeating the sub boss and Devil. The character's sub boss may now be selected.

Big heads and hands
Unlock all characters. Hold Select while choosing your player in vs. mode. Hold the button until the fight begins. Hold Select when the round changes to increase size again. Voices will change to match the character's size. Note: Repeat the code after getting a big head and the head will get even larger.

Wire-frame view
Unlock all characters. Hold L1 + L2 as your character is selected. Hold the buttons until the match begins. Your character will appear as a green wire-frame. The view will be from a first person perspective, directly behind your character, towards your opponent. Repeat the code and substitute the buttons with R1 + R2 for a second person perspective.

Kazuya in a cigar suit
Completely finish the game by capturing all the characters. Select Kazuya with Start.

Fight against Heihachi as the Boss
Play as Kazuya to the ninth stage.

Fight against Angel as the final Boss
Play as Devil to the ninth stage. Angel will be there instead of Devil

Winning poses
After winning a round, hold Square, Circle, X, or Triangle. Your fighter will perform the selected winning pose.

Sky mode
Unlock all characters. Hold Select + Up when choosing your character. Hold these buttons until the round begins. The sound of a punch will confirm correct code entry. Use an uppercut or sweep move to send your opponent to skyward.

View graphics (Japanese version)
Save the game after unlocking all twenty three characters, which includes the hidden characters. Unplug controller two, if one is present. Place the memory card with the Tekken 2 saved game file in the slot one. Hold Up/Right + Select + Circle + X when the text "Namco Presents" appears. A screen titled "Theatre Tekken 2" will confirm correct code entry. A list of game graphic files will appear.

Costume Selection
Go to a character's screen and press X or Circle or press Square or Triangle for differant outfits.

Visiting stages for practice mode
English Countryside: Make Jun challenger
Construction Site: Make Nina challenger
Church: Make King challenger
King George Island: Make Anna challenger
Darkk room: Make Kazuya challenger
Arizona Desert: Make Michelle challenger
City View: Make Jack-2 challenger
New York City: Make Paul challenger
View Great Wall of China: Make Law challenger
Top of China Casino: Make Lei challenger
Chicago: Make Lee challenger
Kyoto: Make Ganryu challenger
Mirror Room: Make Devil/Angel challenger
Darker Desert: Make Armor King challenger
England: Make P. Jack challenger
Beach: Make Roger challenger
Mountain region: Make Alex/Kuma challenger
Meadow with lake: Make Kunimitsu challenger
Taekwondo Dojo: Make Baek challenger
Szechwan: Make Wang challenger
Hot desert area: make Bruce challenger

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